If you’re overwhelmed by all of the different honeymoon destinations out there, fear not! Take our quiz and find out what honeymoon is best suited to you and your other half…


Honeymoon Destination Quiz

There’s nothing better than putting off tasks by taking fun quizzes. Well, there’s nothing better other than planning your honeymoon. If you’re undecided on your honeymoon destination, take this quiz.

Answer the questions below to discover your ideal honeymoon hotspot.

1. Which shoes are you most likely to find in your wardrobe?

A. Comfortable flats
B. Hiking boots
C. 6 inch heels
D. Flip flops

2. Your friends describe you as…

A. Friendly
B. Adventurous
C. Glamorous
D. Laidback

3. What’s your ideal date night?

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A. A romantic meal at a restaurant where you can people watch.
B. Skinny-dipping in the sea!
C. Swanky cocktails in a slick bar
D. A candlelit meal by the sea

4. Which of these films is your favourite?

A. Roman Holiday
B. Out of Africa
C. The Sex and the City Movie
D. Blue Hawaii

5. What’s most likely to be in the background of your photos?

A. A famous architectural landmark
B. The mountain I just tackled in extreme weather conditions
C. A night-time view of the city lights
D. A beautiful beach sunset

6. What’s your perfect honeymoon drink?

A. The local wine
B. Bottled water
C. A Cosmopolitan
D. A piña colada

7. Apart from the obvious (!), what are you most looking forward to on your honeymoon?

A. Exploring the museums and landmarks
B. Paragliding, skydiving and extreme sports
C. Doing a serious amount of shopping
D. Getting a tan and relaxing

8. Describe your perfect beach…

A. One with a bustling promenade and lots of cafés
B. There’s no time for relaxing on the beach
C. I’d prefer a pool with a bar – I hate sand!
D. White sand, palm trees and clear, blue sea

9. What are you bringing home as a souvenir?

A. A trinket from the market
B. A red rock I picked up at the Grand Canyon
C. A designer handbag, of course
D. A fabulous tan

10. What’s your perfect honeymoon must-have?

A. A translator to help me communicate with the locals
B. A satnav, so I always know where I am
C. Selfie stick
D. A good book

11. What’s the first thing you look for as you step off the plan?

A. The local art galleries, museums and galleries
B. The nearest mountain biking trail
C. Where’s the best nightclubs?
D. Get me to the beach!

Honeymoon Destination Quiz: The Results

Mostly As – A cultural holiday


You want to learn, explore and embrace the local culture whilst on your honeymoon. Try locations with a rich history like Rome, Athens or Paris – take a look at some of our favourite romantic city breaks for inspiration!

Mostly Bs – An adrenaline-fuelled experience


From climbing mountains in the snow to skydiving and paragliding, you and your other half are both extreme adrenaline junkies! You’d both love bungee-jumping in Australia or experiencing an epic safari in Africa. That doesn’t sound crazy enough? Take a look at more exhilarating honeymoon experiences here!

Mostly Cs – A stylish city break


If you love the idea of sipping on a cocktail in a swanky bar, or indulging in some delicious dinner in a chic restaurant, then a glamorous city break is perfect for you! Go all out and imagine you’re a part of Sex and the City by visiting New York, London or Barcelona. See our ultimate ideas for a New York honeymoon here! Or, how about treating yourself to a New York minimoon?

Mostly Ds – A relaxing beach escape


After weeks of wedding planning, you just to sit back and soak up the sun whilst reminiscing about your special day. We can certainly see why beach honeymoons are a popular choice, and you’ll be blown away by some of the most blissful beaches we’ve ever seen!

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