Every bride and groom want to keep their guests happy while they’re off having their pictures taken. So the team from The Wedding Gameshow has come up with five quirky wedding entertainment ideas that will have your friends and family giggling for hours…


Giant games

Whether you choose a mechanical rodeo bull or a huge inflatable pugil stick battle, giant games will keep children – big and small – happy for hours! Great fun for whoever is riding or playing, even more fun for everyone watching, these games provide affordable entertainment with a minimum of fuss. We’ve yet to see one at a wedding that doesn’t have a queue of inebriated, laughing guests waiting for a go.



Let’s face it, unless you’re Lady GaGa, you’re probably not going to have David Beckham, Johnny Depp, and (unless you’re a really good medium) Frank Sinatra turning up for your big day.

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But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have the all the fun of celebrity guests anyway… As long as you’re prepared to pretend! Having celebrity lookalikes mingling with your guests is not only a lot of fun, but makes for some great wedding day photos!


Dressing-up Box

Of course, you could always have your guests make their own entertainment! You just need to give them the means to do so, and after a few glasses of the fizzy stuff, who doesn’t like putting on a feather boa, a false moustache, and posing for the camera?

The beauty of having a dressing up box is that the scale of it is limited only by your budget; you can keep it as simple as having a few hats and masks, or as grand as entire costumes. Inexpensive and fun, the dressing up box never fails.


Living Statues

If a talking point is what you’re after, look no further than booking a few living statues to pose their way through your wedding reception (not to mention scaring to death anyone that didn’t look too closely before the statue moves!) A more glamorous option that will help people mingle as they ask one another ‘But what do they do when they need the toilet?’quirky-wedding-entertainment-ideas-to-make-your-guests-giggle-gameshow

The Wedding Gameshow

We’ve saved the best ’til last! If you really want to get the party started, or to avoid that after-dinner lull, then you need to book The Wedding Game Show: the big-screen, free-bottles-of-bubbly-winning live game show that will get all your guests mingling, laughing and shouting, as they cheer on their contestants!


The team stage a live TV-studio style gameshow right there at your reception or after your wedding breakfast, complete with contestant podiums, sound cues, music and their own giant screen, upon which you can play games based on the TV shows you know and love. The contestants are your guests, and the prizes are bottles of bubbly that they can win for their tables. Glamorous, exciting and a lot of fun, find out more at The Wedding Gameshow today!