Choosing a wedding photographer that you feel comfortable with is the key to having a fab wedding day.

wedding-photographerSome companies have more than one photographer, so make sure you’ve met the person who’ll actually take your photos. Don’t just assume your photographer will be there until the first dance though, check that they won’t be dashing off to shoot another event halfway through your day.

Normally wedding photographers select their very best pictures to use in their portfolio, but ask to see a complete set from a wedding. It will give you a better idea of the package you’ll receive. Some photographers specialise in taking natural, unobtrusive shots from the sidelines, others are experts in bossing awkward relatives into shape, so choose the right photographer for the job.

Check that your photographer has an assistant, some assistants take additional shots, too, giving you more choice. If your photographer will be with you all day, it’s considerate to make sure they’re fed and watered, so add an extra hot meal to your budget.

Sophie Andrews from Alex Knight Photography answers the most common questions asked by real couples…

photographer-ideasWhat group photographs should we have?

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We always tell couples that they can have whatever group photos they want! A lot of people seem to have group shots because they think they need to.

Take control of what group shots you want on your big day and write a list of key photographs that you want.

How long should we allow for group shots?

Timings are often a big part of the planning process we go through with couples.

We would say that 5 minutes per group shot is sufficient, this usually gives couples an idea of how long to plan for, especially if  the venue has given strict timings.

What do we do if the weather is bad and we can’t go outside?

Always visit the wedding venue with your photographer beforehand. Look at all the possible locations for portraits and group shots and agree a plan of action with them, should the weather not be on your side. We are in Britain after all!

We don’t want many ‘posed’ shots, can you accommodate that?

Many couples want a few family group shots and then lots of informal or candid shots.

We’ve had a bride decide that it was too cold to ask her guests to go outside for group shots, so we took the group photographs inside with her and the groom’s family. The rest were completely informal.

We don’t like being photographed – what can we do?

Most photographers now offer a pre-wedding photoshoot so that they can gain a bit of confidence in front of the camera and get used to being photographed.

It also gives the photographer an opportunity to try different styles of photography and decide what works best for the couple.

Do we get copyright of the images?

Many photographers provide a disc with hi-res, fully edited images on. It also includes a license to allow printing.

DO remember to check with your photographer if this is included in your package though. They may well charge for reprints.

How long will you stay for?

Usually, photographers will capture you getting ready and then leave after the speeches.

Some will stay to cover the first dance but check with your photographer that this is included in your package.

Some couples opt to not have a wedding photographer or videographer to save costs. How are you cutting costs for your big day?