Whether your venue was love at first sight or took a few visits to seal the deal, don’t be fooled into thinking you’ve checked everything off your venue planning list.

You’ll have discussed the date; viewed the different ceremony and reception spaces; perhaps even tasted the menu – but have you forgotten these essential questions to ask your venue? Dream days are made by the details, so make sure you get them right.

Less obvious but still important, don't forget these 7 questions to ask your venue - dream days are made by the details, so make sure you get them right!
  1. Can we light candles?

In some venues, often those that are older or listed buildings, naked flames are not an option. Make sure you check before ordering those 100 tea lights to avoid a costly mistake. Don’t be deterred if the answer is no, battery-powered alternatives are now readily available and there are lots of other pretty ways to light up your wedding day.

  1. Can we throw confetti?

Many venues won’t mind this at all. Some will require that it is biodegradable (real flower petals are the way to go for this!). Some will give you a flat-out no. If getting that confetti photo is a must, make sure you book a venue that will allow it.

  1. Can we hang things from the walls and ceiling?

Yards of bunting, drapes of floaty fabric, endless twinkling fairy lights – these things have all become staples of many romantic and rustic weddings. If they’re on your décor list too, check what you can hang where and how you can do it to avoid any last minute surprises.

  1. What on the day stationery is included in the package?

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Some venues will offer to include your table plan, numbers and place name cards in your package. Your big day budget will go a lot further if you don’t pay for things twice, so check what’s included before purchasing these items elsewhere.



    What tableware is provided?

Table cloths usually come included, especially if your venue is providing the catering, but for some set ups you’ll need to provide more tableware yourself (think marquees, village halls, outdoor venues etc). Even if the linen is provided, you’ll likely still want to add chair ties and table runners to bring out your colour scheme. You’ll find beautiful, budget-friendly options here.

  1. When do we get access to the venue?

If you can get in to decorate your venue the day before, jump at the chance! It’ll take the pressure off on the wedding morning knowing that everything is ready to go. It’ll also give you the chance to make sure it’s perfect before all your guests get there.

  1. Is there a music curfew?

Depending on where your venue is located, you might face noise restrictions after a certain time. Find out what these are so you can coordinate your dancing and carriages to match. Display all the timing details on your order of the day sign.


What would you add to this list of questions to ask your venue?