Wedding dress shopping is not your everyday high street shopping. However, visiting a bridal boutique is a completely different and completely enjoyable experience, a far cry from the crowds and messy changing rooms.

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The Questions you Should ask Your Bridal Boutique

Ideally, you need to strategise before your appointment, so you can get the most out of the one hour slot. The pressure to find ‘the one’ is something all brides feel, and when looking online you may feel out of your depth. The truth is, no one ever really knows what dress will be ‘the one’ until they’ve tried it on.

This is where the bridal boutique experts step in. They have the answers to all your questions on budget, delivery time, fittings and so much more. If they’re offering a glass of fizz at your appointment, take it, enjoy it and relax, you’ll be in good hands.

To ensure you go to every appointment prepared, we have rounded up a list of questions to fire out to cover all ground. You’ll be taking the whole wedding dress shopping experience in your stride! So, read, take heed and enjoy!

When you book your appointment:

Firstly, identify the price range of dresses and the which designers the boutique stocks.

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My budget is between X and X, do you stock designers within this budget? 

What designers do you stock?

What is your general price range? 

I’m short on time! Do you sell sample dresses or can you accommodate rush orders? 

Don’t assume you can rock up with your entire bridal party entourage. Clarify how many people can accompany you on your visit.

How many people can I bring with me?

I’m planning on losing weight – can I still come and try dresses on now?

When you visit the bridal boutique:

What’s the difference between different designers?

What range of styles do you stock? 

Is there an option to order coloured dresses as opposed to ivory or white? 

What dress shapes and silhouettes would look best for my body type?

When you visit the bridal boutique, make the most of the accessories available to you too. You want to get an idea of what works with different dresses.

Can I try on a selection of veils? 

What’s the timeframe for me to decide, order and receive my dress?

Do you have an in-house or recommended seamstress?

How many alterations should I plan and budget for, and at what points?

Are the alterations included in the dress price?

Do I have to pay the entire cost at once, or is there a deposit and payment plan available?

I’m getting married abroad, what fabrics should I steer clear of?

Do you have any advice when it comes to choosing underwear/accessories/shoes?

If I choose this dress, what belt, jewellery or accessories would you add?

How easy would it be to alter this dress – for example, adding or removing sleeves, adding embellishment, altering the neckline etc?

Do you have any plans to discontinue this style, range or designer soon?

You also need to think of the practicalities of having a train and how they can accommodate longer trains for the evening.

Does this dress come with a bustle?

Can you show me how to bustle up the train?

Once you’ve bought your dress it will have been altered to perfection and steamed for any creases. It’s down to you to take care of it between the collection and the big day, to avoid any major creasing.

Does my dress need to stay hung up? Should it be kept anywhere specific beforehand?

How about after the wedding – do you have tips for preserving my dress or a box to store it in?


The art of wedding dress shopping; you have to learn fast, but with these tools you'll be stood in a bridal boutique in your dream dress in no time!

While your bridal team are with you:

Finally, think ahead whilst you’re in the shop. If you’ve got your bridesmaid and mum with you, check to see if they stock anything for them too. They can browse whilst you’re getting the dress on.

Do you have any bridesmaid ranges that would complement my dress?

How about anything for my mum?

I’m really struggling to find bridesmaid dresses to suit my girls’ range of sizes, shapes and ages – do you have any ideas?


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