Today is National Kissing Day and to celebrate this most romantic of occasions, we’ve got some top tips to help you get your first kiss as husband and wife just right!

There are very few kisses that are as important or as meaningful as your first kiss as a married couple. Here’s how to find the memorable middle ground between a passionless peck on the cheek and a sloppy snog.

national kissing day

Don’t go in too quick!

We know you’re so excited to kiss your new husband, but hold off for those few excited seconds, especially if he’s lifting your veil. If you move in too quickly, you may bump teeth, produce a bizarre sound when you make contact or even miss each other’s mouths completely!

Close your eyes!

Even if you like to take a quick peek when you’re kissing in private, this time you’ll be in front of an audience. If you’ve ever seen people kissing with their eyes open, you know how uncomfortable it is. Please don’t subject your guests to that.

Go with the flow

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The first kiss is nerve-wrecking enough, without having to remember a choreographed snog. The only thing you should decide on before your ceremony is which direction you’ll tilt your heads. Everything else should just come naturally.

Be passionate yet polite

A quick peck doesn’t suit the occasion and neither does a minute long school disco tongue workout. Show each other how happy you are to be newly wedded while keeping your many witnesses in mind.  If you’ve ever seen the film The Wedding Singer, keep in mind this line “Not porno tongue. Church tongue”.

Favourite real-life wedding first kisses

If you want to know how it’s done correctly, check out some of our favourite first-time smooches from some of our real-life couples…

Liz and Fran

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Sarah and Tom

Siobhan and Ben

What are you practising for the big day? Come and share your top tips with all the other real brides – and the Wedding Ideas team – on the Wedding Ideas forum!