It was all hands on deck for a very public wedding proposal as a cruise ship entertainer pulled out all the stops in St Mark’s Square, Venice

Danny Burns, 36, who works aboard the Cunard Queen Victoria, led his work colleagues through a dance routine to the famous Hall and Oates song ‘You Make My Dreams Come True’. He then got down on one knee in traditional style, and produced an engagement ring to his girlfriend Shonagh Daly, 31, watched by hundreds of smiling tourists!


Mark was initially worried about performing the public wedding proposal, although it wasn’t due to any nerves…

‘Apparently it’s illegal to do something like that in St Mark’s Square and I was a little concerned,’ he said. ‘I had visions of being led off in handcuffs by Italian cops before I had chance to propose but thankfully they never appeared and it all went smoothly.’

‘The biggest problem was keeping it from Shonagh,’ he went on. ‘We live in each other’s pockets on the ship and I had to tell Shonagh I was going to the gym when I went off to rehearse.’


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He needn’t have worried though, as he wasn’t arrested or rumbled – he had planned his public wedding proposal to perfection. Shonagh was completely unaware of anything happening.

‘I didn’t see it coming at all. Danny is obviously a better actor than I gave him credit for and not a bad mover either. It was the best day of my life,’ she said.

She said ‘yes’, and although they haven’t set an exact date the couple have already started planning their wedding together.

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What do you think of this public wedding proposal? Would you be too embarrassed to say yes or would you love it? Let us know your comments…