This is a controversial subject. Love or hate ’em, should they be part of your wedding day? If you’re thinking of making your pooch part of the bridal party, consider both the pros and cons before you make your decision…  HelenWill-733


They take fantastic photos

Having your pooch at your wedding is a great excuse to get some fun family shots – dogs are (mostly) incredibly photogenic so what better opportunity is there than on your wedding day when everyone is looking their best?!

They look great all dressed up

We’re not talking a full on three-piece suit, but stick a bow tie on any dog and they’ll have the instant aww factor!


You miss them too much otherwise

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If you’re a huge dog lover then of course you’re going to miss your faithful companion on one of the biggest days of your life. If you can’t even bear to leave them for two hours on any given day, odds are they need to be there!!

They’ll keep your guests happy

Let’s face it, a dog can put a smile on even the grumpiest of guests’ faces – let them roam around and play with all your nearest and dearest and your day will go a whole lot smoother.


Unexpected accidents

If your dog is prone to doing his business here, there and everywhere – and at any time, then perhaps it’s best if they stay at home – get them a dogsitter and they won’t even notice you’ve gone.

Not everyone loves dogs…

As much as you love them, some people just don’t like dogs! We know, who are these people? But if you have guests who are either allergic or just don’t get along with your four-legged friend then you need to put their needs first! _MAX0828

They’re dirty

Dogs roll in mud, walk in mud, eat mud and just basically have a party in mud…and you’re going to be wearing a pristine white dress – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise what’s going to happen here!

They need a constant carer

Your loveable pet is high maintenance – there’s no point sugar coating it, they need constant attention and someone’s going to get the short straw to look after them!  culzean_castle_wedding_clairepennphotography_296

Don’t forget to check out the responsibilities of each member of the bridal party!