Hooray, you’re engaged!

You’ve been sharing your dreamy proposal story left, right and centre, telling everyone from your parents to the lady on the bus just how perfect, romantic and incredible it was. But what does your proposal really say about you? It’s time to find out!



Getting engaged is a huge moment that your partner will have planned carefully, so what does your proposal story really say about you as a couple? Find out!

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The holiday proposal story

Who doesn’t dream of their partner planning a surprise getaway for them before popping the question? If this is how your engagement went down, then you’re definitely someone who likes the life of a high flyer. You’re no stranger to jetting off around the globe and soaking up the sun in luxury with your other half.

You’re also a fan of romance, so a candlelit dinner on the beach or a couple’s massage beside the ocean were the perfect ways to celebrate your newly engaged status, too!


The Christmas proposal

Perhaps you love all things festive and get more excited than your five-year-old niece does about Father Christmas visiting. Maybe you simply love to share celebrations with all of your family and friends. Either way, the Yuletide holidays tick all the boxes for you. Your partner timed their proposal perfectly to make your favourite occasion even better – yay!



The dinner proposal

The classic proposal made famous by chick flicks, if you got engaged over a romantic dinner out, you’re definitely not scared of being in the spotlight. And, of course, your partner knows that as a budding foodie, a gourmet meal is the perfect cherry on top of your engagement.

Brownie points if he proposed over dessert. ‘Will you marry me’ drizzled on the plate in a decadent chocolate sauce doubles up as an epic engagement announcement!


The picture-perfect proposal story

Maybe you hiked to the top of a hill, before bagging the best ring selfie and toasting to your engagement at the top? Perhaps your partner asked you to marry them by a waterfall, just like one of our featured grooms. Maybe they waited until sunset to surprise you with a sparkling diamond…

If this was your perfect proposal, you’re a private and romantic couple who treasure the small things in life. You love getting outdoors and going on adventures together. Being together is enough to make any moment special.



The spontaneous proposal

Because when you know, you know. We’ve heard all kinds of tales – even of a proposal at home while doing the washing up! While there’s often no ring involved and they might not get down on one knee, we reckon these make some of the most romantic engagements.

Think about it – your partner loved you just so much, they simply couldn’t wait a moment longer to ask for your hand. Plus, you get to pick the ring together so you don’t need to worry about whether he picked up on your style hints. You’re guaranteed to love the finger candy you’ll be sporting for the rest of your life.


Now you’re officially fiancés, you’ve got a wedding to plan! It’s probably the biggest event you’ve ever organised in your lives, so start as you mean to go on and make it easy.

We make getting started planning your wedding simple with these six things to do after getting engaged.