Our proposal ideas will help you avoid getting tongue twisted at the vital time, and give your partner a moment to remember!

Proposal Ideas. You what?

It may just be one little sentence, but working out how you’ll utter the immortal words, “Will you marry me?” is something you’ll agonise over, and rightly so. It’s a story that will be retold for the rest of your life, and you want to make it special. But how do you make sure your proposal has the wow factor? We’re not going to give you a list of off-the-peg proposal ideas (not this time, at least), but we will tell you what you need to think about to make sure she’s so blown away she can only say yes.


proposal ideas young girl and boy looking dapperLocation is all-important in the world of proposal ideas, and if chosen correctly may do most of the work for you. If you’ve a holiday planned out, research romantic locations in your chosen destination before you go, but be prepared to be flexible if things don’t work out as planned. (Your girlfriend won’t want to be put on the spot when she’s suffering a chronic case of Delhi belly). Maybe there’s a special spot for the two of you closer to home: the scene of your first date, or a favourite place you both share.


A creative proposal will make your intended target feel special: it’s something you’ve thought about, something personal to you as a couple and something that won’t be repeated. But don’t let it strangle you: Staggered knows of one man who dilly-dallied so long trying to think of a creative stunt his girlfriend got pregnant first and he blurted out a proposal within ten minutes of receiving the news.


proposal ideas stuntsStunts, gimmicks and tricks can work well, but as with the creativity idea, don’t feel you have to go for something overly elaborate as there’s a greater chance of things going wrong. Something simple: have friends set up a romantic picnic, which you can just stumble upon. Something overly complicated: being airlifted in through the bathroom window dressed as the Milk Tray man.

Public or private

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You’ll know better than anyone whether your bride-to-be is the type who likes to be the centre of attention or someone who would gnaw off her own leg to avoid being on camera. If she’s the former, a public proposal might go down well, so why not throw a party, propose at a sporting event or do it in the middle of Trafalgar Square? If not, it’s best to keep the proposal between the two of you.

Via a third party

It’s a cliché, but local radio DJs love announcing on-air proposals because it reminds them that they’ve got at least two listeners. You might even be able to get her favourite band to do it at a gig, but beware the public rejection.

The absent proposal

Staggered doesn’t particularly agree with this one and have discussed the proposal over the phone at length, but we’ve also heard stories of men setting up web pages that click through to a proposal, or spelling out proposals in fridge magnets. Our feeling is this: it’s your proposal, you should at least have the courtesy to be there, and any proposal that relies on being ‘found’ is prone to timing problems.

Take the hint

Have you ever talked about proposal ideas together? If so, can you remember what she said? Can any of her mates help you out (providing they can keep their mouths shut obviously). Your girlfriend may have a very specific idea of how she’d like to be proposed to, and if so, it’s your job to make sure you don’t disappoint. If you’re thinking long term, try and slip a conversation in about proposals, perhaps prompted by some friends who’ve recently announced their engagement.

Good luck.

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