You may think that hiring a professional wedding photographer is an expense you can’t afford. But when the only wedding pictures you have are of unflattering, drunken antics, you’ll be glad you spent that extra money.


Organising the friends and family

During the hustle and bustle of your wedding day, the last thing you want to do is organise friends and family for group photographs.

This is where a professional wedding photographer really comes into their own. Apart from taking gorgeous photographs of your big day, another part of their job is to organise the group shots. Remember, if you want certain group shots make sure you tell your photographer before the big day.

All you’ve got to do is stand there with your hubby and look pretty!

Quality photographs

While point and click cameras are good for your holiday snaps or candid night out on the town pictures, they’re not ideal when it comes to documenting an entire wedding day.

A professional wedding photographer knows the ins and outs of their camera. They have the skills and knowledge to capture your memories in the best quality photographs possible.

Looking back fondly

Once you’re home from your honeymoon and you’re settling into married life, having an album full of memories of your big day to look back fondly on is something you can look forward too.

Your professional wedding photographer can capture the mood of the big day and present it to you in a stylish and pleasing way. Something that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

The Bottom Line

While you may need to compromise the wedding budget on parts of your wedding you should make sure hiring a professional photographer is something you don’t skimp on.

A lot of brides who didn’t have a professional wedding photographer often regret not hiring one.

Many thanks to Weddings by Michael for his great tips!


  1. This is a good start; people also book us at FourT4 Photography because of: Insurance in case of the worst. Backup equipment – don’t rely on an amateur camera standing up to a day’s hard use at a wedding. Creativity and a particular style. The ability to get the pictures you want whatever the weather and whatever the lighting. And so that all your guests can have a great time without also worrying about getting the photos!

  2. Yes, I agree. Having professional equipment, and back up in case it fails, but also having the years of practice and the techniques to use them is essential. The post-production also adds to the quality of the photographs, to give them a style, to get the most of them. Another aspect is knowing your photographer will have personal back up if they are ill or unable to attend. The Wedding Professional Network acts as a pool of professionals willing to step in if something happens.
    Altogether I spend about 30 hours of work on a wedding and my clients value what I do.

  3. Good points, there is so much work that goes on behind the scenes by professional wedding photographers… it is not worth leaving to chance!

  4. Quite so! Plus a good wedding photographer has also shot many, many weddings and knows when all those key moments are due to happen and is in place to capture them – using the right equipment, the right exposure, the right framing.. You’re not going to be able to have more than one first kiss, bouquet throw, or more than chance to capture the look on your husband to be’s face when he sees you coming up the aisle, for the first time. Don’t leave that to chance.

  5. After all the cake and food has been eaten, the flowers have wilted and that car you spent £100’s on for 1 hour has gone, good professional wedding photography is the only thing you’ll have to look back on. Everything else is fleeting, photography lasts a lifetime. This is the one area you shouldn’t skimp on!

    If you’re thinking of getting a friend/amateur to ‘have a go’ as they’ve ‘got a nice camera’ – would you ask one of your other friends who’s ‘got a nice oven’ to have a crack at the food for your 150 wedding guests?

  6. Over the last couple of years I have unfortunately been asked to try to do do something with the dreadful images taken at a wedding.

    I try my best and always manage to salvage something equating to a decent set of images for the couple but if only they had bothered to check on the pedigree of the photographer they would have avoided it.

    I always advise couples to ask to see complete weddings shot front to back and to see how many are made available for them to look at.

    My Father told me many years ago the words cheap and quality don’t go together in a sentence and it still stands to this day


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