Symbolic of sentiment and prolonged good luck from your wedding day, saving the top tier of your wedding cake (if preserved properly) is traditionally celebrated with on your first anniversary or the christening of your first born! If you are looking to do this, it is a good idea to let your cake baker know almost before anything else so that they can help you pick the best type of cake for your top tier when you come to freeze it!



Here are 3 tips for preserving your cake…


Consider your filling choices

Whilst fondant and buttercream’s covering the outside of the cake preserve well, you will have to consider carefully, the filling choice for your saved tier. If you are planning to have different fillings and/or types of cake for each tier it is worth talking to your baker about choosing the most well preserved combination for the top tier and vice versa your choices that may not keep so well to be used for the tiers that will be devoured by your guests on the day!


Initial Freeze

Before leaving your cake in the freezer indefinitely, give the cake an initial freeze UNCOVERED just to set the fondant or butter icing layer on top. Take off all fondant flowers or 3d decoration before freezing your cake – think about keeping your top tier design fairly simplistic.


Preserve it properly

Wrap your cake up tightly in numerous layers of plastic clingfilm – NEVER use foil or this will cause your cake to have serious freezer burn. When wrapped, place in an airtight container or box which your baker may be able to provide. Return to the freezer for safe keeping!


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