Planning a wedding is at the same time the most exciting, but also the most stressful time for any couple. Even before you get to the nitty-gritty of guest lists, seating charts and gift registries, you can become overwhelmed with small details that keep being added to the seemingly never ending to-do list. However, there is no reason to panic, as Adam Martin, Director of Content at podcasting platform Acast has curated a list of podcasts to help you take a step back from the wedding planning and relax.

Save the date wedding podcast

As soon as you get engaged, make sure to download this fantastic podcast which will swiftly turn into your wedding bible. The host and comedian Aleisha McCormack leaves no wedding stones unturned, reminding you of anything that you may have forgotten and providing you with reassuring answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. With over 70 episodes taking you through the whole wedding journey, from the proposal to the post-honeymoon blues, this podcast will be the personal assistant you so desperately need.

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Whenever you feel stressed or slightly overwhelmed with the wedding planning, just plug into Headspace. This fantastic podcast will provide you with a much needed dose of calm, leaving you feeling ready to face whatever admin you need to that day. Start, or end your day the right way, simply dissolve in the soothing and calming meditations that give you a moment to breathe, letting mindfulness work its calming magic.

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Lazy Girl Running

With many brides aiming to get into better shape before their wedding, what better way to do it than running? Working to increase your fitness and reduce your stress levels, this has to be the ultimate pre-wedding sport. However, if you have never run before, long runs can seem impossible and overwhelming. Help is at hand with Laura Fountain, self-confessed former couch potato, who will take you from the first short runs through to full marathons. As you keep running and achieving new targets, your stress levels will diminish in no time.

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It is fair to say that while you plan your wedding, a myriad of thoughts will be flying around your head, from guest lists, to venue deposits, through to wedding favours. Give your mind a break each evening by winding down and listening to the Chillsky podcast. Light a candle and enjoy the down-tempo beats as they calm and quieten.

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Nutrition Diva

With your wedding fast approaching, you want to make sure that you are eating well. Not just to look good on the day, but also to make sure that you feel well and are full of energy. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to deny yourself all of your favourite foods and constantly monitor what you eat! Monica Reinagel is on hand to share her simple and painless tips to help you enjoy food, as opposed to fight it.

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Through podcasting app Acast, you can source and download the latest podcasts and create your own custom-made playlist, taking in recommendations from the app, as well as from other users.  Notably, Acast takes the traditional podcast to a whole new dimension by integrating videos, images and links to content relevant to the podcast that you Adam Martin is the Director of Content at Acast, the free-to-use podcasting platform downloadable from the App store and Google play.