In the lead up to your big day, a pre-wedding beauty routine for a serious short-cut health boost can enrich and restore your hair’s natural fall and look and will allow you and your hairdresser to style your locks with ease and hold it’s memory throughout the day! Known for it’s ultra-enriching qualities, Simply Argan oil comes in the form of a natural range of hair shampoos, fragrant oils and moisturisers for both the bride and groom…





Simply Argan Shampoo


Made from the finest, natural ingredients, Simply Argan Shampoo is a rich, luxurious shampoo with a generous amount of Argan oil suitable for all types of hair. Rich in Vitamins and fatty acids, you won’t need any other shampoo this autumn to nourish your hair and make it naturally shine. In addition, Argan shampoo can help to eliminate dandruff, itchy scalp and repair split ends.


Simply Argan Conditioner

Made from 100% natural ingredients, Argan & Violet infused conditioner will leave your hair naturally radiant and soft.Feel your hair’s vitality, lustre and shine increase.



For HIM – Simply Argan beard oil


This product was shortlisted by Pure Beauty Awards 2016 for best New Male Shaving and Beard Broducts. Argan Man Beard Oil is a premium quality product that combines the highest quality pure organic argan oil with the finest avocado, black seed, almond, jojoba, coconut and atlas cedar oils.

Argan Man Beard Oil has been designed specifically for the discerning gentleman who cares about the appearance of his beard.  The oil will condition, nurture and hydrate a man’s beard, giving a truly healthy and natural shiny appearance and a soft, silky feel.
The unique formula is easily absorbed and will not feel heavy or greasy.  It will moisturise the skin and will help eliminate beard dandruff.


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