Cosmetic surgery clinics across the UK are noticing a particular rise in brides-to-be requesting plastic surgery treatments to look their best for their big day. What’s your take?

bridal-botox-plastic-surgeryAs the obsession with celebrity culture, and the vanity associated with it increases, so does the number of women wanting plastic surgery to change the way they look for their big day.

Something old, something new, something blue…

…how would you feel about a different nose for your something new? Riccardo Frati, a consultant plastic surgeon at Harley Medical Group, states that they have seen a 13% year-on-year in bookings for pre-wedding cosmetic surgery, Botox and fillers.

Does this completely miss the point of marriage and the old adage “for better, for worse”? Is the idea of marriage for love becoming lost in the craze for physical perfection? Is it right that brides are increasingly  turning to plastic surgery with the aim of looking what they think is as beautiful as possible for their wedding day?

Surely, a fiancé asks to marry a woman for who she is, so is there really any point in changing her looks?

Male grooming

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However, we can’t forget to mention the men. With over 5% more men opting for plastic surgery in 2011 than 2010, it’s becoming more common to see the male of the species going under the knife in the search for the perfect body. Will it be likely we’ll see an increase in grooms opting for cosmetic surgery so they can look their best in their wedding photographs?

With clinics reporting that the most popular pre-wedding procedures are liposuction and breast enlargement, it is clear to see that brides and grooms are looking for a boost of confidence on their wedding day because of course, all eyes are on the couple. But how far would you go?

Do you feel the only way to be a beautiful bride is to go under the knife and have plastic surgery? Let us know below…