Sometimes you need tips for planning wedding gift lists because there are lots of things to consider, so we’ve asked the team at House of Fraser to lend us some of their top planning tips!

Register for your gift list early

Guests will be keen to start browsing as soon as they have received their invitation, so make sure you get your gift list online as soon as possible. Also, print out and post copies for those who aren’t internet savvy.

Make decisions with your partner

Make sure you involve your partner in the decision-making process. Remember, the gifts are for both of you, so make things easier by listing the items you already have. This will make it clear for you and your partner to see where the gaps are and fill them in! To avoid arguments you could alternate choosing gifts, too.

planning wedding gift listsThink about your list logically

What items suit your personalities and lifestyles? If neither of you are huge cooking enthusiasts, it’s unlikely you’re going to get a great deal of use out of a pasta-making machine!

Think about budgets

When planning wedding gift lists, make sure you register for a wide range of gifts hitting all price points so all your guests can choose an item they can afford.

Think about your guests

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Where possible, make sure your gift list is available online providing guests with a variety of methods, in which to secure their chosen gift i.e. online, in person, or by phone. An online purchase would be far simpler for those guests with a hectic lifestyle.

Remember to say thank you

You’d do it after Christmas, so you should do it after the big day, too! Thank you cards are a great way to show guests your appreciation.

planning wedding gift lists bottomCheck returns policies

Make sure the gift lists you choose will allow you to return unsuitable/faulty items. House of Fraser offers an excellent returns policy.

Don’t ask for the sake of it

If you really don’t need particular gifts, explore other options like monetary contributions to the wedding honeymoon or charity donations in your name.

Thanks to House of Fraser for these brilliant tips for planning wedding gift lists. At House of Fraser, you can choose from quality, well-established brands and endlessly stylish exclusive lines, with a price range to match anyone’s budget and pop them on a fabulous gift list. Take a look at for more.