A surprise romantic getaway is the perfect way to show your partner how much they mean to you. A trip away with just the two of you allows you to spend time together without the interruptions of jobs, timetables, children and household chores.

Waking up in a great hotel with a whole day ahead to eat, drink and relax is the perfect canvas to reconnect with the person you fell in love with.

Organising a surprise trip away is great fun, but can pose a few problems. We speak to travel experts from Destination2.co.uk, for some tips on how to pull off a secret romantic holiday as seamlessly as possible.


planning romantic getaway

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The destination is important. Either it is a place that is significant to you both, or somewhere that you know you will both love. Have they ever mentioned really wanting to visit a place? Where was your first romantic holiday together? Think big – and in advance – to get the best deals.


You have a lot to sort out here – get childcare sorted, organise someone to feed the cat, book time off work, finalise the accommodation and travel arrangements – the list goes on. What you need is an accomplice or two who know the score and who can help you with the arrangements. Your partner’s secretary at work can help book time off, and a family member can have the kids and look after any pets.


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Now you’ve figured out where to go, you now have to sort out what to do. Check out the best restaurants in the area, activities, the best brunch spots and so on. For something fun to do in the daytime, book a tour or a cookery class – something where you can work with your partner or learn something new about the place where you’re staying is a great activity to do as a couple.


Now’s the point to tell your partner a few fibs. You need a good cover story that will explain why you need them to be ready for a specific time. How much you give away is up to you. You might tell them that you’re visiting Great Aunt Maud in Yorkshire for the weekend, or you might be so good at this stealth operation that they get in the car thinking they’re on the way to do the weekly shop with you.


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How to pack without your other half knowing – it’s a tricky one. Our advice is pick a capsule wardrobe in advance. Pack all the other stuff, phone chargers, toothbrush, toiletries etc, while they are in the shower just before your trip.


The old red herring is crucial to the preparations. If your partner suspects something, explain it away with a really mundane response. If they are wondering why you are packing their swimming gear, tell them that you’re gathering jumble for the charity shop. If they are wondering why you’re rushing around like a headless chicken, pretend you need to get to the shops before stopping off at a friend’s house before they go out.


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If you’re taking the car, you’ll need to take the wheel. If you’re travelling by train or plane, it’s at this point that you may need your secrecy mask to slip a little – why else would you be hurtling down the motorway at 60mph towards the airport? You can tell them as much or as little as you want – either way, it will be a wonderful, exciting surprise for them and you will both be geared up to enjoy a wonderful trip away together.


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You’ve earned this. Life can get in the way of enjoying relationships, so make sure you live in the present and enjoy every minute. Spoil yourselves at the best restaurants, see as many things as possible and enjoy long, lazy lie-ins. Romantic getaways are the best – just make sure you don’t leave it too long until the next one!