While planning a wedding everyone runs the risk of becoming a bridal stereotype. Do any of these sound familiar?



It’s impossible for anyone else apart from yourself to organise your day to the level that you want. Your plans and ideas for the day are law.

Whether you’re stressing out, or tearing down buildings, your aim is to make your day perfect; not a hair on your flower girl’s head can be out of place!

This “I’m right and all of you are wrong” attitude when planning a wedding can often end in arguments and unreturned phone calls. So remember: tone it down.


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The negative-thinking bride has the mindset that everything can, and will, go wrong.

It’s true, things can go wrong at weddings. Odds are those incidents can be quickly laughed off.

Before you know it, you’re already swept off in the excitement of your special day once again.


The laid-back bride takes it as it comes, she doesn’t really care what people think of her wedding day.

It’s a much less stressful option, but there is always a chance of taking advantage of someone making more of an effort.

They won’t be impressed by what they see as a lack of interest in planning a wedding of your own.

princess-bride-Princess bride

You’re so wrapped up in the fairytale of your wedding and marrying the one you love that nothing will get you down.

Negative thoughts just don’t exist when you’re planning a wedding. Smiles and excitement shine through from the proposal until your big day.

That’s great, but you’ve got to be careful you don’t stray too far from reality.

DIY bride

Why spend money on things like decorations, flowers or cakes when you can just do it yourself?

Don’t get us wrong, the personal touch at weddings is lovely but it’s takes a lot of planning and preparation. It’s best not to over-do it!

Which one of these do you relate to while you’re planning a wedding?

Let us know! x