How do you get your groom interested in planning a wedding? Here at Wedding Ideas we think it’s good to get the groom involved as much as possible… but we don’t suggest going as far as Don’t Tell the Bride.

Honeymoon activities

Why not get him to arrange the honeymoon? That way, you can be sure he’s quite pre-occupied with all this planning and not sitting around doing nothing while you’re hectically planning a wedding. Maybe he can use some stern, manly, negotiating skills and haggle you some extras – worth a try!


Dream transport

Cars tend to be more in the male area of expertise than female, and most of the time it’s the women that have more on their plates in wedding organisation anyway – so put his knowledge and love for motors to good use by putting him in charge of the wedding transport. This can be a dream come true to men; a choice of hiring absolutely any car to take him, his wife and extras to the church or reception.

Lovely lingerie

Another area of a man’s expertise is knowing what looks good on their partner, and having a say in his bride’s personal choice can be special. You won’t let him choose your dress or your shoes, he’d have absolutely no idea about tiaras or jewellery, and there’s not a chance you’ll let him do your make up, so what about letting him pick out your first night underwear?

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Or maybe even give him a special gift before the wedding night, by having a For Your Eyes Only photo shoot. The girls put you in flattering poses, and the secretive outcome is bound to boost your confidence (perfect for wedding day attention) and get your hubby-to-be very interested!

Seating arrangements

Here’s a job that will make sure no groom complains about doing nothing, the table planning. Table planning can be time-consuming and stressful, and passing it over to the groom is ideal for you to be able to concentrate on other things… and if it goes really wrong, you can put the blame on him. However, if you want to make sure there’s no blame, stress or drama, you just need to make sure he is fully aware of who gets along and who doesn’t.

Suited and booted

Don’t be a total control-freak or bridezilla by not letting him choose his suits. You might worry they might not be right for the wedding, but all you have to do is make sure that he’s clear on colours and themes. If you really are anxious about it, then ask if you can go with him – have a watchful eye and be reasonable – just because he might not pick the grey suit you wanted him to, doesn’t mean he won’t look great and fit in with the rest of the day.

Along with this, give him some scope to choose his ushers’ gifts himself. The groom might not think the cufflinks you picked out would be that useful to them, after all he does know them best, and knows exactly what they would like and appreciate.

Reception duties

Testing out, or even creating cocktails to be served at your wedding reception is another good way to involve your groom. He can make a thing of it, and bring his ushers on a day out to decide what they think is best and suitable to be served to their guests at the reception.

Food is the way to a man’s heart… put him in charge of the menu or cake for your wedding. Maybe even treat him by allowing him a ‘Groom’s Cake’, like Prince William had for the Royal Wedding – he personally requested a chocolate biscuit cake to be served alongside the couple’s official wedding cake.

Excellent entertainment

Ask him to arrange the wedding entertainment. With help from his ushers, he’ll be able to think of something that people will like. But make sure you give him boundaries – the entertainment has got to be suitable for all eyes and ears, from your baby nephew’s to your great grandma’s. And on the plus side, again, if the DJ is terrible and singer is out of tune, it’s not totally your fault.

Is your groom-to-be interested in planning a wedding? Or are you happy to do it as long as he turns up on the day?

Let us know!