If you are proposed to this Valentine’s Day without a ring and have the pleasure of ring shopping with your fiance here are some top tips for selecting the perfect engagement ring from The London Victorian Ring Company.

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Choose a ring you will love for a lifetime

You’ve found the love of your life and he’s proposed. Every day you look at your ring you will be reminded of the one you love.

Choose a ring that you can wear every day

Vintage style rings often sit low on the finger and are practical to be worn every day.

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Choose a gemstone that expresses your personality

If you love a particular colour, then consider having a gemstone of that colour in your ring. Colourful stones are very on trend at the moment. A cool blue sapphire or aquamarine may suit your style or a classic diamond may be just the ticket.

Choose a ring that suits your finger

Try on a number of different rings before you make you make your selection. The first ring you try on may be the ‘one’ and often is. Don’t be afraid to choose the metal that suits you.

London Victorian Ring Company 1930s Style Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in Platinum, £1,890 www.london-victorian-ring.com

Go bespoke if you want to!

From making a small change through to a completely new design, have the ring that you really want. This is your special ring.

The London Victorian Ring Company are proud British ring designers with 125 years’ experience in creating beautiful vintage inspired rings using original molds. The LVR also offer a bespoke service where they can match any engagement ring and design bespoke wedding bands.