Nothing seems to ruffle feathers like not inviting children to a wedding. So what do you do? Plan a child-free wedding and hope the parents are grateful for the night off, or risk offending your friends by not including their little ones in the biggest day of your life? Luckily, Pots of Fun have the answer…

Banning children from a wedding is a controversial subject that is always discussed on the Wedding Ideas Forum. Brides-to-be are always conscious about upsetting friends and family, but many of them want a day with no interruptions – especially during key moments like the vows and the speeches.

So how about making a decision whereby everyone is happy? Mobile creche experts Pots of Fun enable you and your guests to enjoy the best of both worlds. Here are just seven reasons why we think they should be on your ‘wedding essentials’ list…

No disruptions

The team at Pots of Fun can help to keep noise and disruptions to a minimum during the key moments of the day giving everyone peace of mind to enjoy the celebrations.

It’s their party

Children will have their own unique party atmosphere at the Pots of Fun crèche, including your catered meals fed to the children by us. That way, you get to enjoy the wedding breakfast with your friends, and your little ones do too!


Qualified staff

All of the Pots of Fun staff are fully qualified – every one of them holds at least one childcare-related qualification, they are enhanced CRB/DBS checked and at least one member of the team attending your wedding will hold a First Aid certificate.

Gifts for the kids

Included in the booking fee are free fun gift bags for every child to take away, worth £10 each. It’s an added personal touch from you to show you’ve thought about everyone – and the parents will love you for it.


Imaginative activities

Pots of Fun give all of the children their undivided attention, focusing on fully interactive play, sparking their imagination with arts and crafts, music and exciting activities throughout the day. Boredom is kept at bay, and they always make something to take home to remind them of the fun they had at your wedding.

Tailored play

The team will also work with you to understand the needs of the children attending your wedding. They will get to know their gender, ages and so on, and bring appropriate toys and activities that will keep them amused all day.


Great reviews

“Every time I checked on our boys they were busy doing different things,” says one real bride. “Several times we asked them if they wanted to come and have a dance but they flatly refused, saying they wanted to stay where they were, which shows they were having a wonderful time.”

Are you looking for more ways to entertain your little ones? We’ve got some fabulous ideas that won’t cost the earth right here…


  1. This topic is so irritating. Me and my partner are choosing to have a child free wedding and we can’t wait! Not every event or venue is suitable for children. Get over it or just don’t come! Luckily all our guests with children are looking forward to a well deserved day/night off and could not have been more supportive of our decision x

  2. Mostly child free (family only) going to make up colouring books for them, no way do I have the budget to pay for a crèche! Staying mostly child free has ruffled feathers but I can’t think of much worse than trying not to pull faces because a baby’s screaming

  3. I would never leave my 2 year old son out so absolutely not child free! Also his cousins. I think it’s hilarious when people say things like ‘I couldn’t handle them throwing a strop on my day’ you won’t have to deal with it you’re not the mother and you’ll be so wrapped up in the day you won’t even notice. It doesn’t bother me, each to there own but just because your child is invited doesn’t mean they have to come anyway but I think the option is important. Wait till you have your own children!

  4. We’re having a child free wedding not because we don’t want children there but because when we added up all the numbers there were 39 children and we just couldn’t afford it. 3 nephews only are coming and our friends and family are looking forward to a night off. We made sure to tell them way ahead of time so they could make arrangements and response very positive

  5. We wanted it to be child free but so many of our friends who will be travelling distances have young children that we couldn’t make it a blanket rule. However I have been to too many weddings where a child has screamed through the whole service and ruined it for others so I will be saying as we cannot have a child free wedding crying children must be taken out of the church during the ceremony. It is our one special day and I don’t want to be distracted by a crying baby. x


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