If you’re one of the many Brits who are looking to get married abroad, then our interview with Galley Bay Wedding Co-coodinator Ernestine Sylvester, will help you plan your perfect overseas ceremony.

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How do you make weddings at Galley Bay Special?

Galley Bay’s location and vibe really is known for a level of tranquility on the island that partners a beautifully simple focus on the couple and their story to date with the ability to personalise the day to really celebrate who they are with luxury and romantic detail. We also only hold one wedding per day, so the focus is always entirely on the couple and their big day, they share it only with their guests and our team! Our spa and pamper opportunities are also popular, for bridal parties before and after the big day.

Where are the most popular locations for couples to get married at the resort?

Our two gazebos located at Ismay’s and at Gauguin. The former is right by Shell Bay beach with lovely little wooden steps to a mostly deserted area for a moment on your own after the vows, and the latter is a greener backdrop with its lush tropical gardens right down to the beach – stunning for photos.

Tell me a bit about your role and how you help couples on their big day?

For me, the most important part of my role is to really take the time to understand what’s important to the couple over and above smooth organisation and colour schemes, so that we can create an experience that’s bespoke to them. I like to spend time listening not just to their important vision for the big day and how myself and the team will realise it, but how they met and their journey to the alter here at Galley Bay.That way I’m able not only to confirm what’s most important to them, but how we can look at the services we offer, selecting and adapting those that really speak to the couple and the loved ones in their bridal party.

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Basically, my motto is “listen and bespoke the day” from the running order and locations chosen, right through to the design and colour scheme of all key bridal elements. Add to this menu and playlists that encapsulate the two people coming together, and we’re proud to say that all our weddings have the precise organisation of the Galley Bay wedding, but each has a vibe created from taking time to learn about the essence of each couple that chooses to come marry and stay with us. In addition to the anecdotes and smaller details unique to the couple I’m working with, I also ensure the smooth running on the key wedding day items…

  • Conversations both prior and on arrival at Galley Bay depending on the size of the wedding party and their preferences
  • Guidance on selecting photographers, videographers and entertainment that suits both them and their budget
  • Menu selections – all created to meet needs and choices of the couple and the wider party
  • Suggest fun and romantic ideas for Wedding favours, particularly ideas with a local island focus
  • Suggest and book island activities for the bridal party – events on the island, fun excursions
  • Use our local knowledge and island suppliers to really support all our bridal parties, particularly those on a budget that might need alternative ideas that fit financially
  • Be available on the big day to help both bride and groom with dressing and preparation, something that’s a real honour!
  • Be there for the bride and groom before during and after their special day


Is there anything new for couples planning a Caribbean wedding at Galley Bay?

We’re all really excited to unveil the newly refreshed wedding gazebo at Ismay’s – adding another location choice for our guests.

We’ve also added a completely personalised reception dinner option to our services, a great addition to our wedding package menu choices, which really feeds into our wish to bespoke whenever possible

Ernestine’s top five tips for bridal parties beginning to plan their Caribbean wedding…

  1. Have colour theme in mind
  2. Have a Bridal trial before the wedding day
  3. Have Legal documents in English
  4. Have a playlist in mind that combines personal memories, get on the dance floor choices and some that tell a wider story for the bridal party
  5. Bring a Travel steamer, although the steam in the also shower works wonders, it’s always good to have one handy with larger groups!

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