If you’ve always dreamed of the perfect fairytale wedding, it’s definitely worth getting some advice from the experts to make sure that your day goes off without a hitch. We spoke to Josefine Winkler, Wedding Coordinator at the beautiful Villa Rothschild Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany to get her top wedding planning tips – here’s what she had to say!

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“Working as a wedding coordinator at the Villa Rothschild Hotel, I have seen many fairytale weddings, and even royal weddings – last month we hosted the wedding of the Prince of Luxembourg and his childhood sweetheart, Claire. Now, not everyone has a royal budget, but everyone deserves to feel like a princess for her special day. Below are my ten top tips for planning a wedding fit for a princess.

Take your time

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and something that you will remember forever. You don’t want to spend your day thinking, ‘if only I’d have shopped around a little more’. Allow yourself plenty of time to plan your wedding exactly how you want it and to do all of those little finishing touches which will make it extra special.

Prioritise the important things

Lots of brides don’t know where to start when it comes to planning their dream wedding, and not everyone has a wedding planner to help them. My top tip would be to think about what is most important to you, whether that be the venue, reception or catering – make a list and go from there.

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Make lots of wedding appointments – and enjoy them!

I always tell brides to enjoy planning their weddings as they won’t get to do it again. Never go with the first supplier that you see, shop around before making your decision. Sample different variations of cake, taste test several menus – it really is lots of fun and will ensure that you get the very best.

Keep a scrapbook

Or better still use Pinterest to keep a reference of everything wedding related that you see that you like. You can then share this with your wedding planner or suppliers, so that everyone is working off the same hymn sheet, so to speak. It’s easy to visualise something spectacular in your head and then be disappointed at how this is translated by someone else. Why not take a look at the Wedding Ideas Pinterest boards for inspiration, or read more about how to use Pinterest to plan your day?

Find your castle

Every princess needs her castle. Your perfect venue could be a grand hotel, a marquee in a field or indeed a castle. Whatever it is, take plenty of time to select the right venue for you and your wedding. It’s worth waiting longer to secure the location that you’ve always dreamed of.

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Feel like a princess

For a lot of brides the most important thing is finding the perfect dress. It’s something most women have dreamed about since being a little girl, however, the dress you have always dreamt about might not be the best dress for you. Have an open mind and visit a boutique where the assistant can advise you of the shape, cut, fabric and colour best suited to your figure and colouring. If you feel beautiful, you’ll look beautiful.

Theme it

Having a theme in mind can help tie in all of the details of your wedding. From the save-the-dates to place settings, having all of you wedding stationary and decorations coordinated can really give your special day that wow factor. I often ask brides what their favourite colours are and go from there.

Capture every moment

Of course on such a special day you want every second captured, so invest in finding a brilliant photographer who will make you and your husband feel at ease. I often finds that brides don’t spend as much time selecting a photographer as they do on other details of the wedding; the photographs will last a lifetime so make sure you’re going to be happy with them. Word of mouth is often the best way to find that perfect snapper, so ask friends and family for recommendations.

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Arrive in style

While it may not be entirely appropriate to arrive in a glass, horse-drawn carriage, making a grand entrance is very important to some brides. I often find that the picture of the bride arriving at her venue is often my favourite picture of the whole wedding, as the excitement and anticipation is there in her smile. There’s lots of different options from a vintage car to a horse and cart, do your research and enjoy all eyes being on you!

Enjoy it!

Finally, however you chose to have your wedding, make sure that you enjoy it! Don’t spend your time worrying about the small details or ensuring that everyone else is happy, it’s your day and you need to make the most it. I always tell my brides to not let themselves get swallowed up by their guests. Of course, you need to mingle, but spend plenty of time with your new husband, after all the day is about you two. If possible sneak off for a walk around the grounds to spend a bit of alone time.

I hope you find my tips useful in helping you plan your fairy tale wedding!”

Thanks to Josefine for her fabulous advice – for more help with planning your dream day, check out the Planning section of our website, or chat to other brides-to-be in our Forum!