Pearls are a timeless wedding accessory. Whatever your bridal style – classic, boho, vintage or country – they can work with any look. Incorporated into your overall wedding theme, there are so many different pearl accessories, decorations and designs available and possibilities for pretty and tasteful embellishments. This guide, by the wedding experts at the luxury online jeweller, will help you get creative with pearls to achieve a gorgeous and elegant look for you and your wedding.

Match pearl colour with dress

Unless you have an heirloom jewellery piece that you’re determined to wear, it’s best to pick your wedding dress first, then match the pearls to it. Silvery-toned pearls have a cool hue that will really light up a pure white gown and look stunning with medium, tan and dark complexions. Pearls with pink overtones are flattering for brides with fair hair and skin, and go with any shade of white, cream or ivory. Pearls in cream tones look beautiful on everyone. They’re at their best when combined with an off-white wedding dress.

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Choosing jewellery metals

If you’ve chosen pure white pearls, they’ll work best with white gold or platinum settings and chains, or other silvery-coloured jewellery items. Pink pearls look great with yellow gold. Cream pearls are the most versatile option as they suit both yellow and white gold tones.

Creating vintage style with pearls

A heritage pearl necklace or earrings are the obvious answer if you want an authentic antique look. But pearl beading can give an instant vintage feel to new accessories too. A pearl-embroidered clutch bag, forehead band or bouquet ribbons are perfect for creating a chic retro vibe.

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Pearl embellished gowns

Another way to add pearls to your big day is with beading sewn onto your dress. Pearls give 1950’s Hollywood glamour to satin and silk, and enhance the beauty of lace. You can choose how extravagant or understated you want to go. A bodice entirely covered in pearl beads is striking and luxurious, while a few individual pearls dotted here and there create demure luster.

Pearl wedding themes

Pearls are a beautiful choice as an overall wedding theme. You can have pearl decorations on your wedding cake, weave them into the centrepieces or have them on the napkin rings and in your wedding favours. Pearl wedding decorations will always look glamorous and elegant, but never overpowering.

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Add meaning with pearls

Pearls can add extra meaning to your wedding day. As the June birthstone, they’re full of significance if your birthday falls this month. Simple pearl stud earrings make beautiful yet affordable bridesmaids’ gifts that will always remind your best friends of your happy day. If you want to wear ‘something blue’, pearls look stunning with blue gems like tanzanites and sapphires.

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Last but not least…

We must not forget about the classic pearl necklace. Whether single or double strand, inherited from your grandmother or bought new, it’s the ultimate, traditional wedding accessory. A jewellery item worn by queens and first ladies on their wedding day, it’s a sophisticated choice you simply cannot go wrong with.

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