If you’re more into pizza than peonies, then this unique wedding bouquet could be just for you…

An American pizza restaurant has created a wedding bouquet made entirely from pizza – perfect for those who’re worried they might get a bit peckish on the long walk up the aisle. Because, of course, there’s nothing like the smell of freshly-baked pizza wafting around with you all day – just watch you don’t get any on the dress!

The chain, Villa Italian Kitchen, crafted the bouquets from dough, tomatoes, cheese and pepperoni, carefully rolled into flower-like shapes, with matching buttonholes available too.

The creation was part of a limited-edition giveaway which has since finished. We’re not so sure that many brides would swap it for their favourite blooms, but it could make an interesting talking point at the reception, and acts as a handy snack for later in the evening once the alcohol has started to flow!

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