Could a little pinspiration convert you from the traditional white wedding cake?


Despite a new found desire to go a little more daring with the arrangements for your wedding day, the classic white wedding cake is one of the original conventions that couples seem hesitant to stray from?! We anticipate a lot more style conscious weddings with some serious colour attitude for 2017 and this year your wedding cake needn’t be an exception! Woodland fairytale, Gatsby and Vintage would all warrant a bold black statement on your cake, whether its all over or simple elements of and here’s how to do it with a little help from Pinterest!




Black wedding cakes
MODWedding | Pinterest

The chalkboard trend is still going strong for vintage themed weddings and so much so that you can achieve the same sketchy hand drawn look in CAKE form! Personalise your day your way and say it with your cake! If you love beautiful words this could be the way forward for you…

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Black wedding cakes2
Brides | Pinterest

White may be practically synonymous with weddings, but the effect of one dark-hued tier with another one tier wonder in opulent gold looks totally grand and will transform any modern day with some relaxed foliage and one or two floral accents such as roses or peonies…




Black wedding cakes1 | Pinterest

There’s something undeniably romantic about the stars and the universe and this velvet Galaxy cake is homage to an emotional connection with astronomy and cosmic love. If abstract is more up your street you could even give this cosmic cake-painting a go yourself with some black fondant icing and experimenting with a range of artists sponges, bristles and brushes for the ultimate space-dust texture.




Black wedding cakes3
Favecrafts | Pinterest

The Gatsby Monochrome magic evokes old world elegance and texturally luxurious on the eye. Alternate tiers of white and black to achieve this chic and simplistic art deco look. Add embellishments such as pearls, beads, feathering, ruching and intricate layers or geometric shapes. Metallic accents will make this theme come alive and hi-light the sensual presence of black to be reminiscent of black tie balls and an era accomplished in elaborate architecture.



Black wedding cakes4
Something Turquoise | Pinterest


This is the result of a wicked and wild fairytale woodland theme. The Tim Burton of wedding cakes incorporates robust green grasses and moss intertwined with the deepest blood red roses and peonies. The finish of the tar black icing emphasises a rustic and effortless background upon which the rich foliage totally softens leaving a result that is rather stark yet stunning. If you feeling as far way from convention as you think possible with this one and looking to start create a real showstopper, not to mention conversation starter, your cake could be the talking point to tailor!