Choosing wedding flowers can be a bit of a mine field but it needn’t be, simply enlist the help of a professional, like Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design. From the bridal bouquet to button holes and blooms for the venue, flowers are a natural and wonderful way to enhance the visual impact of a wedding and play such an important part in any day.

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With more than 20 years’ experience of designing show-stopping floral bouquets and displays, Elizabeth Marsh has these words of advice for any bride-to-be…

“2016 is an exciting year with trends towards bronze and copper tonnes, and a definite move away from silver. Rose gold and brass hues are also popular. For bigger weddings, colour palettes are never going to move far from cream, pink and pale yellow, uplifting colours traditionally associated with weddings. “ A Bohemian style has continued to capture the attention of brides this year, with wild flowers creating a backdrop. We’re seeing more use of succulents and unusual plants and foliage, which keeps costs down. Brides and grooms are also taking more interest in the visual impact of their reception tables, theming tableware with floral centre pieces. The power of the flower is now more important than ever,” says Elizabeth Marsh.

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Here’s how to maximise your wedding budget…

Ingenuity in design | It is possible to break flowers down to the individual florets and place them nonchalantly to decorate a dining table, without blowing your budget. Branches and other sculptural elements that can be re-used, reducing the cost passed on to the customer.

Less is often more | Displays that include fewer flowers, often use them more intensely so that the impact is created by different means than a full arrangement containing multiple blooms. Filling every corner or available surface with flowers can be overkill. When this happens, the eye becomes overwhelmed and the brain can no longer take in the vision. The result is that the floral arrangement is not only expensive, but the impact of the flowers is actually reduced.

Seasonal Blooms | Look for those naturally in season, avoiding expensive transportation costs from far flung corners of the world. There are likely to be very many seasonal options in your chosen colours.

A trend towards a simpler era | There is a certain charming naivety about some of the less expensive flowers. These generally tend towards the field flowers, daisies and grasses, tall wispy and romantic, which are on trend for weddings.

If you want to learn more about flowers, Elizabeth Marsh’s recently published book is an education. Petal Performance: The Art and Economics of Floral Design by Elizabeth Marsh. Available online from priced £25 or from


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