There is no better way to take your first steps as husband and wife than a showering burst of colour closely followed by your photographer capturing the signature confetti shot that will show off one of the happiest unposed moments of your married life…

Long gone are the days that confetti is confined to just your ceremony! As Shropshire Petals shares, their totally natural petal confetti (with a little creativity) can be carried right through to your decor, wedding tables, place settings and even your own DIY stationery! Here’s how…



confeti wedding decor3

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Cute confetti cones are all the rage so why not double up on them by attaching to your reception chairs? As the bride and groom enter the room keep their confetti moment alive!



If your wedding planning has brought out the country bride in you, hessian and wicker style baskets will provide the rustic look to complement your day. Display your cones, confetti pops or simply fill big or individual baskets with your choice of petals.



confetti wedding decor9


Tea lights and candles are a sure winner for any romantic wedding table and when lit in mass will bring your festivities and venue to life. For the day time, add a pop of colour to accent your theme with a little of your chosen confetti!



For a fun and heightened table centrepiece, fill a single or cluster of balloons with your confetti. As your guests prepare to settle at their tables let them pop the balloons and watch the confetti glitter the table! These will look gorgeous in photos!


confeti wedding decor4


The hanging bauble – fixed upon trees or suspended from light fixtures and floral streamers, these beautiful spheres are a popular choice to adorn an outdoor inside woodland theme wedding space. If colour is a real priority on your big day, fill a dozen or so of these clear glass or plastic baubles with your fluffy confetti petal mix. If little hands are going to be present on your wedding day this is also a much safer option than the usual tea lights and will bring heightened colour throughout your venue.


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Be sure to save some confetti for your private couples shoot often inbetween the ceremony and reception. Alternatively make sure your photographer has access to some on the morning of the wedding and get some fun details pics with your petals! Here comes the best bit…MONEY SAVING IDEA ALERT – DIY brides get these printed as personalised thank you cards to send to all of your guests as a reminder of your special day!

You can shop all of your natural confetti petals right here at Shropshire petals in a range of varieties, sizes and colours to personalise your big day!