Daily Star Showbiz Editor, Jessica Brown continues her story about planning her wedding. Today she talks about her personalised wedding invites…

My advice to all future brides is get your wedding invites sorted as soon as possible.

I had no idea choosing wedding invites was such a tricky business. Considering two of my close girlfriends are already married you’d think one of them would have given me some early warning. I assumed finding the perfect invite would be easy, so didn’t think about getting it ticked off the ‘list’ until the last possible moment.

All brides in wedding planning have a ‘list’. The endless jobs of wedding related things to source, buy and organise. Suddenly life’s only purpose is to get stuff ticked off the ‘list’ quickly and easily.*

It took us over a month to pick our wedding invites. The problem is there’s so much choice and such a huge difference in price. One minute we were looking at invites which cost £0.95 each and within the same breath we were nearly forking out £5.95 per piece of folded A5 card.

Make it yourself?

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It was at this point my fiancé Jimmy said: “Surely we could just knock some together? It can’t be that hard.” Ahem. So we spent a fortnight or so trying to design some ourselves on the computer. We don’t have Photoshop, or even any basis graphic software. And we have a naff, old laptop which can barely open Facebook on good days. However, we made four different invites, printed them out, glued them together, sat back… and quickly realised they looked like they’d been made by amateurs on a crappy laptop. Totally naff.

Following our tragic DIY curve ball we spent hours trawling through wedding invite websites and various magazine pullouts. We wanted something unique, quirky and fun. But also romantic and suitable for a summer wedding, I thought if I mentioned the words ‘vintage’, ‘whimsical’ or ‘retro chic’ one more time Jimmy might actually lose the plot and call the whole thing off.

personalised-wedding-invitesHowever, in a moment of sheer brilliance Jim shouted across the lounge: “Have you seen this website Boris And Doris? It has everything you’re looking for.”

Choosing the Wedding Invites

And he was right. Boris and Doris is a haven for boho brides like myself. I took one look at their laser cut designs and knew they were perfect. I feel in love with the heart tree concealing two little birds and knew we’d cracked it. I emailed the business owners, Briony and James, instantly and ordered our invites.

It turns out we knew exactly what we wanted, we just didn’t know where to find it.

Boris and Doris are a brilliant little company, epitomising everything we want our wedding to represent. I couldn’t believe it when our invites arrived two weeks later, perfectly handmade made, obviously with a lot of care and attention. They were all wrapped with matching bows and at this point our whole wedding started to come together. We had a colour theme and an invite which gave a small insight into the big day.

We’ve had so many people comment on how lovely the invites are. One male friends *hello Pete* send me a text saying: “amazing invite, so perfect for you and Jim”. And believe me, for mardy Pete, those are big words!!

*I’m still eternally gratefully to my bridesmaid Emma, who found me in my flat mid panic a few months after getting engaged. As I wailed: “I’m so unorgainsed, I have no idea where to start, there’s so much to organize”.. She calmly replied: “Just write the list. Every bride has a list of things to organize. Once it’s written down, it’s simple… you just tick stuff off as you sort it.”