Just starting your search for the perfect wedding venue? We caught up with our friends at QHotels to get their top tips on trends and predictions for next year…


A perfectly planned wedding should have…

“Everything the bride and groom desire. Some couples will require more guidance than others and I feel that to perfectly plan a wedding, we as wedding coordinators must be able to listen and advise on timings, themes and the overall balance of the day to make sure everything runs to plan.”
Nina Rodriguez, Wedding Coordinator at The Midland, QHotels


What trends are you seeing right now?

“The vintage theme is definitely still on trend with lots of homemade touches being seen.  Brides and grooms have painstakingly restored typewriters and birdcages to use as table centres  or spent hours creating hand written invitations, menus and place cards.”
Clare Venables, Wedding Coordinator at Crewe Hall, QHotels

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What are your predictions for weddings in 2015

“I think 2015 will be returning to the traditional classic weddings, with a little twist to help make it more personal, such as  personalised desserts for the male and female guests.”
Kim Richardson, Wedding Coordinator at Aldwark Manor, QHotels


What has been your favourite wedding so far?

“My absolute favourite wedding was where the bride decided to hand the reins of her big day over to her groom and left him in charge for all aspects of their wedding day. They had a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme with the groom dressed as Willy Wonka, complete with a purple velvet suit, and two bridesmaids dressed as Umpa Lumpas painted bright orange and dressed in green dungarees! He even got the bridesmaids to do a dance for all of the guests. Luckily the bride had a very good sense of humour!”
Clare Venables, Wedding Coordinator at Crewe Hall, QHotels


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