Winter can wreak havoc on your skin. Dryness and dehydration becomes more apparent and skin can appear to be dull during the cold weather. Joyce Conner from Brides and Beauty reveals her top tips for having the perfect skin for your winter wedding.

perfect-skin-winter-weddingCream cleanser

Thorough cleansing is essential. If your skin is dry, try using a creamy cleanser to add oils while you cleanse.

Oilier skins are best cleansed with a foaming wash or a clay based cleanser.

Regular exfoliation

Exfoliate your skin at night, twice a week before your winter wedding. Nightly exfoliation makes the products you apply afterwards penetrate the skin deeper than on skin that hasn’t been exfoliated.

Avoid exfoliants that are very harsh on the skin, they can make your skin sensitive.

Hydrating mask

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Use a hydrating or nourishing mask weekly to give your skin that plumped look and to diminish fine lines. Using a mask is like giving your skin a drink.

Masks are best applied after exfoliation then rinsed off and before a serum and moisturiser.

Eye protection

Protect your eyes with an application of eye cream twice a day.

Use about the size of a grain of rice and pat it around the eye with your ring finger so the application is light and doesn’t drag the skin.

Use the right moisturiser

Check you’re using the right moisturiser for your skin type. If it doesn’t soak in with 5 minutes it’s too oily.

If it soaks in faster and your skin still feels taut, you might need to go for a higher oil content or start using a hydrating serum underneath the moisturiser.

Protect your neck

Your neck and décolleté need care, too. Exfoliate and moisturise these areas regularly to keep the skin supple and nourished during the cold weather.

Air drying

Try to avoid having the fan in the car blasting at your face and if you sleep with the heating on have a bowl of water in the room, too.

Have a little air circulating in the room if you can. Leaving the bedroom door open or the window slightly ajar will aid sleep and keep skin fresh.

Sun damage

Applying your active products such as serums and heavier moisturisers at night is best. Skin repairs itself while you sleep.

Always cleanse your skin before bed especially if you’ve been wearing an SPF. SPFs are very active and need to be removed so the skin can rest while it repairs itself.


Drink plenty of water. Two litres a day is enough to keep you hydrated inside and out. If you don’t like plain water add a splash of fresh lemon juice to wake up the senses and freshen your palette.

Look after your lips

Lips need care, too. Stop using Vaseline and start using a nourishing balm to protect your lips from the harsh winter winds. Keep a tube in your handbag for regular top ups.

Every bride should start a skin routine so they look picture perfect in their wedding photographs. Tell us your beauty regimes!

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