To celebrate the launch of the Paper Perfect Wedding Workshop. The Paper Girls are offering Wedding Ideas readers the chance to win a place at the October workshop.


Award winning stationery designers Abigail Warner and Lucy Ledger have joined together to run workshops for savvy brides and grooms. Create beautiful bespoke stationery that represents your perfect day while keeping to that all important budget.

On Saturday 27th October they will be hosting one workshop this year in Birmingham. Limited to just 8 places.

The Paper Perfect Wedding Workshop

  • How to create beautiful bespoke DIY stationery with help and support
  • Photoshop and Illustrator basics
  • Inspiration and how to design a perfect moodboard for your stationery that works with your wedding colour scheme and theme
  • Backgrounds and textures
  • Typography basics
  • Design assets for you explained (backgrounds, illustrations, and fonts)
  • Creating and setting your bespoke artwork for your invitations
  • Templates for Save the Dates, Orders of Service, Table Plan, Name/ Table settings and Thank yous
  • Proofing and printing
  • Picking paper stocks and envelopes

How much will it cost?


How many spaces are there?


What’s the location?


And what date is all this happening?

Saturday October 27th 2012

The only request is that you bring a WIFI enabled PC or MAC, you will be supplied with a complimentary USB drive filled with designs and templates.



To celebrate the launch of the Paper Perfect Wedding Workshop. The Paper Girls are offering Wedding Ideas readers the chance to win one of three places on the workshop.

To enter, just leave a comment below telling us a bit about your big day and why you should be selected.

Lucy ledger and Abigail Warner have chosen their winners!

The winners are –

  • Kirsty Wormall
  • Jordan Cook
  • Leanne (Teeny Tiny)

Terms and conditions

• Travel and accommodation not included • Must be able to travel on the Paper Perfect Wedding Workshop date – the winning tickets are non-transferable • Design elements shared on the day are for personal use only and cannot be used in any commercial capacity • You must bring with you a Wifi enabled PC laptop/Macbook to participate fully in the design class


  1. I proposed to my partner of 8 yrs on 29 th feb leap day this year!! After 10 yrs togethet we will be married in october 2014, with venue all set and a grey and hot pink theme chosen a help in hand with invites would be fab! Grey and hot pink needs to meet day at the seaside idea, as fish and chips, retro sweets and ice cream will served to our guests with our 4 yr old daughter(2 now) as a beautifil flowergirl. Creativity is not my forte so please please help this leap year bride to be!

  2. The theme for my wedding is a rustic vintage inspired day using a pastel coloured theme through out to bring it all together. It is being held on my parents farm with a large focus on using recycled materials and diy projects. One of the main materials we are using is wood from naturally felled trees and I would love to incorporate this aspect of our wedding into our invitations. I believe I should be selected as I am an extremely creative individual who would LOVE to have the opportunity to be able to create my own invitations with the help and guidance of the experts. Please pick me 🙂 thank you x

  3. Oh I love Lucy’s work and was wanting to design our wedding stationary with this workshop but our budget hasn’t allowed it so far! We have planned our perfect day with tipi style festival wedding, ceilidh band and lots of dancing with bunting and lace galore.

    The Paper Girls style would compliment our festival style so completely, we were hoping to have lanyard style festival invitations with maps of the rural area and Glamping info and we have been desperately trying to design something gorgeous.

    We have a total dream team, these ladies would complete the set.

    Good luck to whoever wins this, you’re super super lucky! x

  4. We don’t really have a “theme” for our wedding but it is going to be very a traditional Scots wedding. Our colour is a very dark purple.
    We would love to make our own stationary but neither of us is very artistic at all!
    It would be absolutely fantastic if we could be given a point in the right direction… :o) x

  5. We have a very vintaged themed wedding, with a lot of influence being taken mostly from the 50’s. We have picked this theme, because we feel that we both have old souls in a young body. We have struggled to find invites that fit with our theme. We would love to work with Abigail Warner and Lucy Ledger to create stationary that would not only capture the theme of our wedding, but will also provide our guests with unique invites that were created by the Bride and Groom.

  6. Hello! My partner proposed to me after a hectic day as our little one had to go back into hospital after pulling out his PICC line. He realised he wanted me to be his wife, and the proposal was lovely with a cuddle and a question. Our wedding is in January as we want to plan for our second child next year so we are going for a winter wonderland theme in powder/cornflower blue! So excited!

  7. We have just got engaged and have booked our venue and hopefully the church tomorrow for 2014. The proposal wasn’t anything romantic but was perfect at home just me and him. He had been traditional in asking my dad back in May and had gone to the hotel i really wanted to provisionally book the date. All that was left to do was pop the question. After a nightmare the past two months with losing my job and a few family dramas he felt it was the right time to cheer me up and asked me to marry him in Aug 2012. perfect perfect perfect is all i can say. The vision I have for my wedding is vintage classic and simplistic with as much as possible hand made by me. From the invites to the wedding flowers i aim to do all this myself with the help of my bridesmaids…… we have our work cut out but with our creative minds i feel we have a good chance of pulling of the vintage but classic look I want. This would be a fantastic look to give the modern day twist. I have made a number of wedding invites in the past but want my own to be something out of this world 🙂

  8. We just got engaged! It was the most amazing surprise (which is a miracle given Im such a control freak!) Under the stars, perfect groom and perfect ring. We are hoping to get married next year – 2013 and are going for an fun city style wedding to suit our personalities. We are looking at some beautiful art deco london venues and would love some stationary to match!

  9. hello we have just got engaged on my birthday 18/08/ after being together 5 1/2 years it wasn’t a complete shock but i am surprised how different i feel. We are getting married on the 17/04/2014. i honestly wouldnt mind being engaged for ages but as my nan has struggled with poor health recently it is really important to me that she is there on my wedding day. so 18ish months gives me enough time to plan but means we have to stick to a strict budget. because of this i am making ALOT of my own things, my own flowers (paper) my own stationary (from invites to table plan etc) and centre pieces. Our Wedding is Alice and Wonderland themed. Vintage style (not disney) my centre pieces will be characters built in 3d of characters, the colour scheme will be light blue with touches of deep blue. i will have playing cards and various bits as well as a photo corner with photo cut outs such as the cheshire cats grin for fun photos. I would be so excited to win the competition it would really inspire and support me into achieving my dream day. whomever wins this will be very lucky.

  10. Hello! Where to start..! Well my wonderful fiancé proposed on stage after a show in front of 500 audience members! It was such a shock! I still smile about it whenever I remember back! Following the trend ( and some say I’m a bit of a drama queen!) we have chosen a theatrical theme! I have a dream of the perfect invites- they are the first part of the wedding our guests will see and therefore sooo important! I have a wonderful idea of Theatre ticket style invites with a tear off RSVP! The event would obviously be our wedding! I just would love to see the idea in my head actually become a real invite! X xlaura

  11. Hello! I got engaged two weeks ago today, My now fiance asked me whilst we were on holiday in Italy and had gone for a day out to Venice. He took me totally by suprise (which I though he never would manage!!!) and asked me whilst on a little jetty next to the grand canal 🙂
    We are planning to get married late spring/early summer and hope to marry in the church where both of our grandparents and my parents grew up. We want a vintage style wedding and want to keep everything homemade and lots of friends and family have offered to help! Me and one of my bridesmaids did a sugar craft course, so the cake is our duty, my finance’s mum does floral arrangements and a friend is a photographer. It would be lovely to be able to produce my own invitations as well that look a little more professional than something I could create on my own!! Thanks for reading and good luck to all the brides to be 🙂 xx

  12. me and my man got engaged last july while we were away in koh chang thailand the day we got engaged it was our 2 year anniverary and in the morning he took me elephant treking which was amazing then in the evening he took me to a seaview restaurant when we got there the place was empty and playing was romantic music after been setted we had amazing thai food whilst watching the sunset when it was time for desert he asked me what i would like when i went to look at the menu i hadnt seen but the waiter had placed a teddy made of cake infront of me reading will u marry me i cryed for about 5 mins before he said well whats the ansew.what i didnt know was before we got to thailand we had been to cambodia to visit my father and he had asked his permission which ment so much as me and my dad are so close we are getting married next july in london docklands its going to be a big wedding as my partner is chinese maurican and has a big family so because we are spending so much on the venue i really wanted to have amazing invitations but due to budget im worring that i wont get the ones id love to send cards that represent his culture and look perfossional

  13. Well, I don’t have a fabulous story about being proposed to in some beautiful, far away country. But I do have the perfect man. I had been unlucky with men in all my adult life – I attracted idiots and I loved them back. I had gotten to the stage where I thought I would never meet ‘the one’. And then suddenly that all changed. I went to a music festival and a friend of a friend (whom I had never met) offered to help me pitch my tent on Facebook. I gladly accepted his offer and within minutes, this lovely lad with a massive grin came bounding over and the rest was fate. We spent the whole weekend together being too scared to tell eachother how we felt, but on the last night, we had a little kiss…. and we’ve been inseparable ever since. He proposed to me 6 months later, 3 days before valentine’s day in a nightclub, and then on Feb 14th, took me to choose my ring. And we’ve now been together just over a year. At 33, I finally met the man of my dreams who makes me so happy. We have just chosen a local hotel as our wedding venue, and we are having a small wedding (as it’s second time around for me and we wanted it to be intimate) with family and close friends. And as money is tight, we are doing everything ourselves… so this seems the perfect competition for us!!! I am very craft-y and I love to make things myself as it’s so much more personal. I would love to win this prize so I can make something to make my h2b proud and for my guests to keep.

  14. Hey! Sorry no stunning proposal , for us it was just the realisation that we are soulmates and a quick propsosal knee deep snow 5 days after we met. But a genuine entry nevertheless. We have been engaged for 3 years now and I left my house,home and friends to move from The Netherlands to the UK to be with my fiance. It`s been a struggle and we`ve only just been in our own place for a month and loving every minute. Now we finally set the date and decided on an economy Steampunk wedding where we`ll be doing the lion part of it all ourselves. I`m very excited and have a head full of plans and budget dreams. This workshop would really help me with my invites as design isn`t one of my biggest skills 🙂

  15. Hi Abbey and Lucy! Well I was lucky enough to have quite a romantic proposal on a beach in Sri Lanka (although this was nearly scuppered by a tuk tuk driver but that’s a whole different story!). My fiance did have 10 years to plan the occassion though after we met when I was just 17 – we have been together ever since! We are planning to get married in Septemebr next year in a Geogian sylte building – I am a big Jane Austen fan so this suits my idea of romance perfectly! However, we not really “look at me” sort of people so want our day to be a big celebration with all the people we love and who have supported us during hte last 10 years – through the good times (including A level results, gradutions, first jobs and buying our first home together) and the more difficult times (including me working in Hong Kong alone for three months and my fiance’s dad passing away). I really want our wedding to be a bit different and have that real personal touch and this would be a great way to set that tone!

  16. Thank you so much everyone for your entries!! I wish we could give you all a place on the course! Abbey and myself will be reading though the comments on Monday and announcing the winners at 4pm x

  17. Hi Abbey and Lucy, please pick me, I am in desperate need of help creating my wedding invitations, I am finding it a struggle 🙁 Me and my fiancé got engaged on Christmas day, it was so romantic. I woke up to find red rose petals leading down the stairs at there were lots of little signs to help me 🙂 I opened the kitchen door to find loads of little tea candles on the floor spelling “Will you marry me” and Craig was beside them on one knee it was a fantastic day. We are getting married on the 13th July 2013, I know it may be unlucky for some but 13 is my lucky number. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope I will be lucky enought to win this competition 🙂 xxx

  18. Hi Abbey and Lucy

    I have spent hours trawling the internet for Save the Date and Wedding Invitation ideas, and this session sounds like the perfect solution to collate and compose the perfect set of stationery.

    My fiancé and I are planning to get married in August next year in a location yet to be decided. I am from Australia and he is from London with family in Birmingham. We met in Sweden, got engaged in Macedonia, so it seems apt to marry in a place that is foreign to both of us. We haven’t been able to choose between a number of locations, so our idea is to create a “ballot card” Save the Date card where our guests are able to choose the destination (out of a selection of 5, for example Mexico, Mauritius, and others) that they wish to attend for our wedding. The challenge is to combine the unique idea of a ballot paper with a romantic theme, and that’s where you come in!

  19. Hi Abbey and Lucy, I would love the chance of winning a place on the workshop, as would my gorgeous fiancé, Adam. We are getting married next July so need to sort out our wedding stationery. I love the idea of making it ourselves but don’t want them to look ‘homemade’ and tacky. We need it to look stylish and pretty to match our wedding venue and tie in our wedding colours. Which is the bit it sounds like The Paper Girls could help with! I’m clueless where to start. Adam is a very hands on groom and wants to get stuck into making things so we can do it together.

  20. Hi Abbey and Lucy

    I would absolutely love the opportunity to learn a few new skills and make my own stationary for my wedding. I come from an incredibly create family (both parents being art students) but unfortunately I seem to have missed that gene! I would love to come along, learn a thing or two and surprise everyone that I do have some creative talent after all.

    My G2B and I are getting married in February 2014, having got engaged a couple of weeks ago. He proposed by taking me to a hotel in Bath and filling the room with flowers and a bottle of champagne which had a label reading “Will you marry me?” written on it. This was all exactly 500 days since we first met (to the minute – almost!) I am hoping to carry on this romantic theme, with a simple wedding theme of neutral colours and personal touches. It really is going to be a close knot affair as my fiancée’s father actually taught me and my bridesmaids when we were at school. I think our wedding day may end up being a but of a blast from the past for my future father-in-law!

    Anyway, I hope you will consider me for this fantastic opportunity you are offering. I hope to hear from you 🙂

    Jordan xx

  21. Hi Abbey and Lucy,
    I have always looked forward to putting a personal touch on my wedding day and have begun collecting items to do just that. I want the day to be about myself and my partner Dylan, We will have been engaged nearly 7 years when we get married next August the 2nd. dylan always planned on a big proposal but knowing how picky i am let me select my own engagement ring, he’s what you call spontaneous, we were shopping for a watch for Christmas for myself back in 2006 when he said whilst we’re here you might as well select a ring which you like! Completely out of the blue, I know he’d mentioned proposals in the past but I just thought he was winding me up, as i’d always said getting married scares me, I don’t like being the centre of attention. Having selected and purchased the ring, I thought I’d have a wait for that proposal, but I didn’t have to wait long as that evening as i was doing the washing I turned to see Dylan on one knee, he was so romantic with what he said, completely out of his usual character, He said he couldn’t wait any longer and had to just know my answer. I said yes and years later we’re actually around to saving the money to have our perfect day! We are having the ceremony in my church where i grew up and the reception between our 2 families at mount pleasant in doncaster.
    I would love to unleash my creativeness on the invites but don’t know where to start having a helping hand from your expert guidance would be an amazing help!!
    I’ll keep my finger crossed!!

  22. Hi Abbie, HI Lucy
    Dan and I are getting married havin gbeen together 13 years (since we were teenagers!) and have been saving a while for the big day now. We’ve booked it all for March 31st next year and I really want to make my own invitations for our friends and family. I have absolutely no idea where to start and am more likely to make smudged and stained invites and can’t use photoshop to even remove red eye properly! I’m having a city do in Manchester and hoping to work some art deco/art nouveau styling into it- it’d be great to be able to come to your session. x


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