Every bride knows that when it comes to beauty on the big day, every aspect needs to be well thought out for a flawless look! With Pantene, hair will be so healthy to the core, it’ll be easier to manage, style and maintain long-lasting looks that stay beautiful right until the final farewell of the night. Unlike other products, Pantene shampoo and conditioner formulas penetrate deep inside the hair’s core to reduce damage and make hair stronger, leaving you with healthy hair from the inside out.

Pantene demonstrate 3 effortless styles for gorgeous bridal hair ideas prepped with Pantene products to maintain the perfect style throughout the day and well into the night!

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Prep hair with a smoothing treatment, such as conditioner or a leave-in cream. Part hair into small sections and blow dry each with a mixed bristle brush to add volume into the hair.

TIP | Always wash and condition hair to lay the right foundation for creating any flawless style.

Curl each section with a small curling iron, pin to set and allow to cool.

TIP | For extra fullness, spritz hair with a volumising spray.



Prep hair with a light mist of volumizing spray.

Create a deep side part, leaving out a desired amount for your bang (sweeping side fringe).

TIP | Always wash and condition hair to lay the right foundation for creating any flawless style. Behind and parallel to the bang, section out desired width for a cornrow braid, which will form a halo braid from the deep side part to behind the opposite ear.

Loosely gather remaining hair into a pony tail; then arrange sweeping bang as desired and pin in place.

Roll ponytail into a loose chignon. To finish the look, wrap the remaining braid around the base of the chignon and pin everything in place.



Gather hair back into a sleek, centered ponytail at the crown. Secure in place with a small elastic. To hide the elastic, wrap a small section of hair around the base of the ponytail and secure with a hair pin.

TIP | Always wash and condition hair to lay the right foundation for creating any flawless style.

TIP | You can also change up this look by adding a deep side part or centre part. Also, before securing the ponytail, leave some room to add volume.

Curl ponytail in small sections using a small curling iron, and allow curls to cool completely.

Gently brush the curls out with a mixed bristle paddle brush for a glamorous wave.



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