If you’re reading this, then you’ve already got brownie points for being one of the best wedding guests. Even better if you follow the five outfit rules that all wedding guests should!

It’s a privilege to be asked to join a couple at such a special moment in their lives, so return the respect and dress appropriately. Be aware that this won’t always mean the same thing for different weddings. These guidelines are here to help you get it just right.


Wedding guests will find the dress code differs between weddings, but follow these outfit rules and you'll know what to wear to look the part


Remember the invitations

Did the bride and groom specify a dress code for their wedding guests when they sent out the invitations? Whether it’s generic like black tie or something a little more specific, do your best to accommodate their wishes. It’s their day and they’ve asked for a reason – not just to give you the extra hassle of organising an outfit.

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One of our featured couples requested that each male guest wear an item of tweed to enhance their country theme and – drum roll – it looked incredible!


Don’t match the bridesmaids

Sometimes easier said than done if the bride is keeping her best girls’ dresses top secret, but if you do know the colour, try not to wear the same. This rule especially applies to the mother of the bride or groom – aim for a colour to complement the shade rather than match. Find the ultimate guide to mother of the bride outfits here.

Functional footwear

If the happy couple are tying the knot in castle ruins, on the beach or in the middle of the family farm, do remember to consider your footwear. If the ground is uneven, flats might be better, or more modest and stable wedges at the very least. And if it’s rained and you know you’ve got a field to trek through to the reception tipi, rethink your footwear or be prepared for your shoes to suffer.


Just don’t wear white

While bridesmaids wearing white is very much en vogue right now, it’s still a no-go for wedding guests. There are plenty of other colours to choose from, so don’t steal the limelight or risk upsetting the bride.


Keep things understated

Much like the previous point, the role of wedding guests is to support the couple, celebrate with them and certainly not steal the show. So, even if that sky-high fascinator or incredible hat has really, really taken your fancy, if it risks being the talk of the day, put it back on the shelf for next time.

For more help with your headwear, check out these 12 rules of wedding hat etiquette.


Wedding guests – how do you feel about being given a dress code?