Wedding flowers are a big day essential. They help make your venue photo friendly and give you a wedding day scent that you’ll never forget. We look at the wedding flower trends that are appearing during 2012.

our-top-tips-wedding-flower-trends-ideas-2012-bouquetIt’s always best to book your florist at least six months in advance, especially if you’re planning on having more unusual blooms. Unlike your venue, flowers are rarely discounted if you leave ordering them to the last minute. Rush orders may incur a charge, especially if the flowers you’ve chosen aren’t in season and have to be imported. Here, Heather from Evelyn Cole Flowers reveals the hottest new wedding flower trends and shows you four ways to save money on your tablecentres.

Alternative Bouquets

A key trend on the bridal catwalks are convertible dresses with removable skirts and capes (‘transformers’), – adopt a similar look with your bridal flowers by opting for designs that also have practical uses, such as handbags covered in fresh flowers.. perfect for the modern 1960’s ‘mini’ dress bridal gowns

Vintage theme

Vintage is still a strong trend, romantic, loose, handpicked flowers remain one of the largest requests amongst our brides, with peonies, hydrangeas, roses and dahlias being among the favourite blooms. Continuing from the Royal Wedding and reflecting the forthcoming season’s bridal gown trends which feature delicate embroideries, lace is continuing to be a popular ribbon choice for the bridal bouquet, and floral hair circlets are a popular choice for brides and bridesmaids.


Return of the ‘Oldies’

All flowers are beautiful but they must be styled correctly! Gypsophila, Carnations and Chrysanthemums fell out of favour in the 1980’s but there is a trend moving towards the use of these flowers, particularly as they tend to be cheaper. For the best results – Gypsophila always looks best styled alone but en-masse, Chrysanthemums are available in a variety of colours, our favourite are the large single bloom chrysanthemums. Carnations can look beautiful en masse and are available in a variety of new colours – one of our favourites is the vintage-inspired ‘Antiqua’ Carnation.

Top top topiary

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Hiring in topiary trees is an elegant but cost effective option for your wedding day, as topiary standards for hire come at a fraction of the price of floral urns and floral archways. They are perfect for creating a feature either side of doorways or fireplaces within your wedding venue.

Opt for a round top table

Flowers for a rectangular top table will cost more due to length and size of the table. By opting for a circular top table you can select the same table centre piece design as your guest tables which will be cheaper. But to distinguish the top table, ask your florist to make up some loose flower posies to be tied to the back of the bride and groom’s chairs. Other ideas of chair backs include re-using door wreaths/ hearts or moss letters that make up the bride and groom’s initials.

Less is More

You can have beautiful designs with expensive flowers by opting for a mixture of large and small blooms. Hydrangeas, whilst more expensive than roses, are equivalent in size to at least 5-8 rose blooms, which overall will bring savings. Orchids are expensive but work perfectly alone. Create an impact with just a few stems and by hiring high quality vases.

4 ways to save money on your flower centrepieces



Reusing designs from your ceremony at your reception is one way to save money. If you are having an altar or fireplace design for your ceremony, double up & arrange for this to be moved to your top table or buffet table.

Keep it simple

Complex designs such as candelabras decorated with flowers take longer to construct and subsequently cost more. Choose simpler designs that require less time such as hand tied bouquets of flowers in glass vases and plants in pots -these can also double up as gifts afterwards.

The Plant Factor

Most florists can offer not only cut flowers but also a wide selection of plants. Flowering bulbs such as hyacinths, daffodils –or plants such as primroses, succulents, lavender and fragrant herbs cost less than arrangements of cut flowers but in groupings can create a beautiful centerpiece that can double up as favours. Ask your florist to arrange the plants into attractive ceramic pots or willow baskets.

Mix ‘n’ Match

Dreaming of luxury floral designs such as candelabras for your wedding day? Opt for a mixture of expensive floral designs and low inexpensive designs of flowers in glass vases, to keep the cost of your flowers down. Opting for high and low table centerpieces also helps to create more interest in wedding photographs.