One of the easiest ways to create a theme for your wedding day is by picking a wedding colour scheme that suits you, your personality and the time of year.

purple wedding theme 2

We’ve chosen some fab themes from real-life weddings that have a strong colour scheme, so you can see how you can work flowers, accessories, stationery, bridesmaids dresses and all aspects of your wedding into particular hues.

Purples, mauves and lilacs

purple fairy wings

This is ‘the’ colour for 2013! Style your wedding with purple hues and create a dramatic wedding theme that your guests will adore! Go for a dark shade of purple to create a romantic look in aubergine or opt for a softer mood with lighter lilacs, which are perfect for a country garden-style wedding day. One way of dressing your maids is to create an ombre effect and experiment with different shades from Cadbury’s purple through to soft violet.

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Dessy bridesmaid dresses come in an array of colours making it easy for you to create an ombre effect. You don’t have to be matchy-matchy with styles, either – just stick to purple hues and choose different necklines, from halternecks, to high necks, to strapless depending on what suits each individual girl.



Turquoise is a great colour scheme for a summer wedding. Bright colours always look their best in the sunshine, so it’s one to think about if you’re having a destination wedding, too.

Accessories and flowers in bright, bold shades will increase the vibrancy of your look. Alternatively you can play it down in muted pinks and whites.

Pink, grey and crystal

pink crystal and grey wedding theme

This is such an easy theme to put together and it will look stunningly elegant. Use crystals and diamanté on your wedding stationery, keep your flowers in soft pinks and mis-match your bridesmaids in shades of dove grey to tie it all together. This look works particularly well if you’re having a 1920s-inspired big day – think The Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey.

Black and brights

black bridesmaid dresses

Now, hear us out on this one because black is usually a big no-no at weddings but this is one of the most glamorous wedding themes that’s really easy to achieve.

Dress your girls in black cocktail dresses (we don’t think they are going to complain about that one little bit) and use dazzling, brightly coloured bouquets, which can offset the look. You can get an amazing effect by using all-white flowers, too. This will look beautiful at an evening event and it’s a timeless style that will keep your photographs looking fresh and on trend for years to come.