How many hens does it take to organise a hen do? Actually, none – just top planning by the maid of honour and a little advice and help from someone who knows their stuff. With over 10 years of organising great events for some of the 260,000 brides that get married in the UK each year, GoHen gives the low down on how to get the party started.

The fact is the maid of honour will probably have shared much of the stress that comes with planning a wedding, so this is one time where it is safer to let someone else do all the legwork and allow the hen and her best mates to concentrate on having fun. Working with a hen night event organiser will get the best events, the best price and guarantee the most memorable hen night celebrations.

What the hen wants

Planning a wedding is stressful enough but it’s likely that your bride-to-be will have a pretty clear idea of what she wants to do for her hen party. Get an inkling, even if the final trip is a surprise, and then start your search. The earlier you look, the more options you’ll find.

Size will always countorganise a hen do

Despite budget being a really important consideration, it is often the case that the more people you include, the better the rates you get. Find out what everyone can afford to spend and remember when it comes to hen nights, the more the merrier and the cheaper the cost.

Girls like the whole package

Weekend packages, often jaw-dropping good value, give the girls a chance to do something really different. Let’s face it, there are few times when you can justify a weekend doing exactly what you want with a select group of friends. Hen nights are the time to make the most of the opportunity and are often much cheaper than you would ever guess.

Great mixers

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The hen weekend should be unforgettable for the fantastic accommodation, the great clubbing or any of the exciting events and activities that can be experienced. Whether you have a hankering to try coasteering or burlesque, tank driving or cocktail mixing, a great package will allow you to combine activities with VIP club classes, beauty or relaxation treatments, a great dinner and some pretty great accommodation. Memories in the making.

Fickle friends and final numbers

One of the trickiest things to manage is actually friends. For those that have attempted a DIY hen party, keeping on top of everyone’s ever changing opinion and circumstance means numbers can go up and down as many times as the moon rises. With an event organiser it’s not a problem, no matter how far you book ahead you don’t need to confirm final numbers until five weeks before the hen party.

Let’s get this party started

The average hen party or weekend will have 12 girls expecting a good time and some may have never met before. They may all love the bride-to-be but it can sometimes take a really good icebreaker to get the group gelling. Choosing an activity such as cocktail making is a great way of introducing everyone to the group before the party really gets started.

Shake the booty

Once the evening starts, girls don’t want to stop having fun. Unplanned gaps in between activities can take the fizz out of a top hen party. There’s not a bride in the country that has looked back fondly at the rainy night spent waiting to get into a nightclub in four-inch heels. Handing over the reins to an event organiser will see every box ticked that is needed – VIP entry into clubs, dinner reservations, transport and an itinerary that flows with ease. A rather fine breakfast to greet the girls the following morning and it’s the perfect finish.

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