Looking for a fun and fabulous way to get your guests laughing and interacting at your wedding reception… try this!


Imagine the scene… Alfredo poses as an Italian Head Waiter. He is well mannered and meticulous. He dresses in his own black suit or alternatively wears the attire suitable for the venue. The other two performers are dressed exactly as the other waiters. The three performers arrive one hour before your guests and infiltrate as ‘real’ waiters from the commencement of the event up to the time of the performance. This could mean serving, topping up drinks and generally being seen.

There are two short announcements (40 seconds duration) made by Alfredo to establish his character leading up to the commencement of the actual show. It is at this time Alfredo sings a huge operatic note prompting thunderous applause. He bows and announces that a guest offered him £50 to do so. He thanks the guest and leaves the stage.


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Once the main course has been laid and drinks have been topped up, Jean-Marc, a French wine waiter, makes his way to the stage and politely announces that another guest has offered him £100. He proceeds to sing a full aria in Italian. Alfredo is not very happy. The plot thickens as Alfredo and Jean-Marc challenge each other’s vocal abilities.

Just as they agree to sing something together, a third waiter bursts onto the scene. He’s English. The show evolves into a dynamic vocal trio and together, through a variety of popular classics and humorous banter, the show culminates in a dynamic performance à la ‘The Three Tenors’. Only at the finalé are their true identities revealed.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? If you’re looking for a unique way to surprise your guests at your wedding reception, this has to be it! The Three Waiters involves three talented and highly entertaining performers dressing and hoaxing as ‘real’ waiters. However, to the surprise of the guests, an unexpected story unfolds taking them through a very amusing tightly scripted act including arias made famous by The Three Tenors along with well-known songs from popular musicals, culminating in a sophisticated performance of true Three Tenors style.

Unlike many other wedding entertainment acts, most of The Three Waiters show is performed among the audience while interacting with the guests. As a result the guests feel like they are part of the act as opposed to watching a staged show. The huge number of glowing testimonials we receive is proof of the fantastic reaction the act gets and this is what makes our clients book us time and time again.


They have added an extra special element to the weddings of Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster and Wayne and Coleen Rooney, as well as countless other couples, performing nearly 10,000 shows in over 77 countries, and they only choose the best performers that opera and musical theatre have to offer. They must be vocally outstanding and also possess a dynamic personality, with a flair for character-acting, timing and comedy to be able to pull off an act as special as this!

The structure and content of the act suits a wide variety of audiences by taking away the seriousness often associated with opera and adding an element of fun, spontaneity and surprise! Find out more about The Three Waiters here or check out our Planning section for more easy ways to entertain your loved ones.