The lure of warm weather and cheaper prices is prompting an increasing number of British couples to get married abroad, according to new research from LV= travel insurance.

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Bargain nuptials

One in six married couples (280,000 in total) have tied the knot overseas in the past five years, an increase of almost 20%, compared to 10 years ago.

Getting married abroad is tempting British couples with guaranteed good weather and a smaller bill for the festivities. While travel and accommodation are understandably more expensive for overseas weddings, the suppliers and the honeymoon are all typically cheaper. In fact, overseas weddings can cost £10,000 less than the average ceremony in the UK.

Holiday expenses

Yet while it’s often cheaper for the couples to get married overseas, it’s far more costly for their guests. Brits have forked out almost £7.3 billion to attend weddings abroad in the past five years. Costs include new outfits, travel, accommodation and a wedding gift. On average, guests pay almost £2,000 each to go to an overseas wedding – almost four times as much as they would spend to attend a UK wedding.

As a result, almost a quarter of those who attended a wedding overseas say they’ve had to cut back on their own holiday in order to attend, while some sacrificed their vacation altogether. One in ten say they’ve had to turn down invitations for overseas weddings because it was just too expensive.

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Popular destinations

The USA is the most popular country for an overseas wedding with Las Vegas is the most visited city, followed by Spain and Italy. 63% of people who were asked said they had a wedding abroad because they had a family connection with the country, while 32% of people commented on the better weather and 27% wanted an exotic setting. Some couples say they chose to marry abroad as they simply didn’t want the big wedding they would have had in the UK and that they just didn’t want to make a fuss.

The most popular countries to get hitched in

  1. USA
  2. Spain
  3. Italy
  4. Cyprus
  5. France
  6. India
  7. Greece
  8. Poland
  9. Australia
  10. Germany

In total, 3.7 million Brits have attended a wedding abroad in the past five years, and a further one in 10 have been invited to one in the near future. In order to meet the additional expense, some may be tempted to cut back on travel insurance yet the research reveals that one in ten people who attend a wedding abroad get sick or injured during the trip, so scrimping on cover may be a false economy.

“Choosing to marry abroad can be a savvy move to save money and guarantee good weather,” says Managing Director of LV= travel insurance Selwyn Fernandes. “But it can be costly if you’re a guest. Combining the wedding trip with your annual holiday is a good way to save cash, but you shouldn’t cut back on travel insurance. With as many as one in ten guests getting sick or injured at overseas weddings, it’s vital you’re covered should the worst happen, even if you’re only away for a few days.”