With Olympic fever gripping the nation, and the opening ceremony kicking off tonight, we just couldn’t wait any longer to share this fabulous photoshoot with you. Showcasing all that’s beautiful and brilliant about London, top wedding photographer Joe Gilbert shows us a different side to our nations capital…

olympic-photoshootI’d been wanting to do a wedding shoot around London for a rather long time, and with the Olympics on our door step and the Diamond Jubilee just past, now seemed the perfect time for a British Olympic photoshoot.

I wanted to join in the action and commemorate this historic event by producing a unique set of photos showcasing not only London’s finest architecture, but a quiet romance and tranquility that is so rarely seen in the city.

To produce the peaceful and romantic images I’d envisioned meant only one thing – shooting through the night! This way we could avoid the crowds and traffic and have London to ourselves. I wanted to capture the magical first light that comes with Dawn; a light that is rarely seen by most people in London. The shoot took place at the height of Summer Solstice, meaning we had a nice early sunrise before the crowds appeared, and it was warm enough to do the Olympic photoshoot through the night. We started at about 2 in the morning, and carried on until the sun came up, it was magical.

Amazingly none of us felt tired; something about being in the presence of the beautiful city as it slept was incredibly humbling and uplifting.

All in all I couldn’t have asked for the Olympic photoshoot to go better; miraculously despite being the wettest June on record we had a completely dry night and a perfect sunrise.

Here is my tribute to a truly magnificent and majestic city, showing a side of it we so rarely get to see.

London 2012 Olympic Photoshoot gallery

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  1. Wow, what spectacular photos!! So gorgeous, really captured London beautifully – LOVE the Olympic rings on Tower Bridge! Would love to do something like this for my wedding! The lighting and positioning of the couple is just perfect – what an incredible photographer! x


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