London 2012 may be over but the number of Olympic marriage proposals has got everyone talking.

It seems like the Olympics have been a popular time for partners getting down on one knee. ‘Murray Mound,’ the Wimbledon viewing area, has now been dubbed ‘Marry Mound’ due to its record amount of Olympic marriage proposals since the opening ceremony.

There were at least 25 Olympic marriage proposals since the London 2012 games began – which is averaging at about two marriage proposals every day. The ‘peak times’ for popping the question were apparently around 7.30pm and 8.30pm, right when the sun is setting in the background of the Olympic Park – looks like we’ve got quite a few romantics out there.


One romantic was Lu Weng, in China. Knowing that his girlfriend, Hen Chi, was a fan of David Beckham, Lu Weng was inspired to recreate his dramatic entrance during the Olympic opening ceremony.

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With a homemade replica of the Olympic relay torch in hand, Lu hired a speedboat and sped down a lake in Nanjing, Zhejiang province, Eastern China. Accompanied by actors dressed as royal guards, the Olympic romantic raced along towards his waiting girlfriend before surprising her by getting down on one knee.

“I had been trying to think of something unusual to surprise Hen for our engagement,” explained Lu.

But it wasn’t only spectators and fans planning Olympic marriage proposals – our very own team GB was at it! Holly Bleasdale, said yes to her boyfriend after coming in sixth place in the pole vaulting. And Olympic rowing gold medalist, Pete Reed, proposed to his girlfriend during the closing ceremony.

It looks like there were as many marriage proposals during the Olympics as there were British gold medals!

Do you think it was a romantic idea? Were you part of the Olympic marriage proposals?

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