Whether it’s twenty-something or fifty-something, brides still want to make their wedding a day to remember. But does the bridal market really catering for some older brides?

older-bridesA difficult task

Hunting for a wedding dress is a difficult enough task as it is, with so many styles, shapes and shops to look in – but older brides have a lot more to consider and we’re wondering do designers consider this market?

An older bride often thinks more about the colour, length, style and whether the wedding dress they choose is age appropriate.

Some friends or family may try and discourage older brides away from a true bridal look with comments like “are you really going to wear a proper gown?” or “is white the right colour for your wedding dress?”

They should remember – it’s the brides wedding day, not theirs, they can choose to wear whatever they want.

Stray away from tradition

But it looks like older brides aren’t wanting to follow traditions for their wedding. Some brides think they’ve grown out of the idea of wearing a veil, having a bouquet, or cutting the cake.

An older bride might not want to make as much fuss as a younger bride-to-be. Many are opting for a very small ceremony with a select number of family and friends, instead of splashing out and planing a wedding with 100+ guests.

Do you think that older brides are starting to move away from traditions? Is their idea of a dream wedding more of an intimate affair?

Or is it because today’s bridal market doesn’t actually catering for their tastes?

Do you think the market caters for older brides?

Let us know


  1. When my dad married my step-mum (at around age 40), she had a stunning dress from Monsoon Bridal. It was champagne and gold coloured, full length, but floaty and cinched in all the right places. She looked wonderful 🙂 I think that most brides will know what suits them, and after all, surely all brides want to look their best, so they’ll find something!… Also, surely the assisstants in the bridal shops know what to suggest for different ages, as well as shapes and sizes!

  2. This is the main reason I launched my website dedicated to Brides Over 40. I’m 42 and it was born out of frustration at the lack of wedding inspiration out there towards older women. Some (not all) bridal shops lack the enthusiasm for the older bride. Since we launched we have had many emails asking for advice and some stories are shocking! There are many different styles out there but we need the service to match. A woman Over 40 tends to know what suits her and it is not for anyone to say what is ‘age appropriate’ or more suitable. I’ve seen mature brides in so many lovely styles including a full dress on a stunning 52 year old woman renewing vows after 30 yrs of marriage and having the full blown wedding because they couldn’t afford it first time round. Their children were also included and they had a brilliant time and she looked a million dollars. Others have chosen simpler black and white or gold tones. It really is down to the individual bride regardless of age. I just wish everyone else had the same attitude. But sadly they don’t.

  3. at last, an article i have been waiting for! i’m a second time around over 40 b2b, with regards to the dress and ploughing through hundreds of pics i was thought i would never find an ‘appropriate’ dress. I took a couple of my close girlfriends dress shopping but i lacked excitement and enthusiasm because of my age. I knew i wanted a bridal dress but had no idea as the style. After a lot of coercing from my friends they encouraged me to try a ‘proper’ bridal shop. We went into Berkatex and the assistant obviously saw the anxiety in my face. looking around all i could see were massive big flouncy ‘young’ dresses and wanted to walk straight back out! The assistant asked me what i didn’t want – immediatley i said ‘ a train and a meringue!’ She promptly took me away and said right then you don’t need to look at any of those. She picked up a simple ivory satin gown, a line, no bling and ushered me into the changing room. i tried on the dress and could not believe that the assistant could tell what dress would suit me 10 mins after walking into the shop. My friends were amazed and said how lovely it looked, it suited my shape and was comfortable, after half an hour walking up and down and preening in the mirror I decided it was the dress for me. As my h2b has never been married before and wants a traditional wedding a few compromises have had to be made, so we are having our wedding at a golf club with around 50 day guests but are still maintaing some of the traditional things. I would say the bridal market needs to improve for older brides,( not forgetting older grooms too) there are not enough articles and the general focus is around young first time brides. It’s certainly taking a lot more research that it would ordinarily have done if i was younger!

  4. I am 50 and think that the market caters to younger brides because thats where folks are willing to spend zillions of dollars on “stuff and fluff” I agree in that I look at things differently now. I want to drive it or live in it not have pictures of where all my money went. Smaller wedding for me. Also more dresses with sleeve options. Strapless isnt flattering on many body types but that seems to be all I can find.

  5. I’m 51, still have a cute figure but I don’t want a dress that looks like I’m 18yrs. I want to be beautiful but no strapless poofy things.

  6. My own experience of marrying in my late 40’s very recently, and finding it increasingly difficult to find anything that didn’t seem too “princess bride” was very time consuming. That’s why I decided to put all the information I had gathered over my ‘year-long Google searching experience’ into words. I’ve created a blogsite that will hopefully help people who are in the same situation and perhaps help with ideas for their wedding day. Seemed a shame for it all to go to waste…hope it helps if anyone is interested in taking a look. Many thanks. x

    • i am getting married in april this year and a older bride 46 yrs i am desperate now cant find any thing that suits and have had bad experiences at bridal shops any advice would be great

  7. I thing the market for Older brides, sucks.
    I am getting married (2nd time around) in October, I am 53 my partner 55. We are marrying in the Caribbean just a quite no fuss wedding, but I want to wear something really special. I don’t want a “Wedding Dress”, Veils, trains etc. I also don’t want WHITE. Eveything I have looked at so far are for THIN, YOUNG women. I am size 16-18, 5ft 1″, so all these dresses make me look like a fluff ball tied in the middle.
    Just because I am older and a little larger, shouldn’t mean I can’t look and feel elegant and beautiful on my wedding day.

    Anyone any suggestions where I can find a pale blue, turquoise, aqua coloured dress, long and special, fit for a Caribbean wedding at 50+.

  8. I am getting married in October (2nd time at 53) I want something light, simple, elegant, and not traditional white.

    Can’t find anything to suit me or my wedding venue in the Caribbean. I would like a very special dress in perhaps light blue or aqua, not a fluffy meringue but can’ft find anything yet.

    Any ideas

    • Have you thought about finding a local dressmaker? Ask around for recommendations. You could choose a beautiful fabric and having the dressmaker advise as to the best style for you (age and figure appropriate) and fabric for the location? Your outfit would be unique and probably cheaper than the off the peg dresses most brides wear.
      I had my 2nd marriage age 44 and had to make do with a poor outfit as my health wasn’t great. I’m now 49, fighting fit, planning a blessing and planning to make my dream dress myself.
      I’m making my own mother of the bride outfit for when my daughter marries in September and bought the fabric to coordinate with bride, bridesmaids and flower girls.


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