You plan your wedding, you get married, then you have babies! And that’s exactly what’s happening to our favourite royal bride Kate Middleton!

It’s just been announced that The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has just gone into labour and is expecting her first baby.


Nobody knows when the baby will arrive and what sex it might be (we have our suspicions that it might be a girl). But when the little bundle of joy does arrive, it will be announced in the traditional way, where a proclamation signed by Kate’s doctors will be rushed to Buckingham Palace and displayed on a gilded easel at the gates.

The news was confirmed in a brief statement from the palace at 7.30am after rumours the Duchess had been spotted began to spread. A spokesperson for the royal couple says “Kate went into labour naturally and things are progressing as normal.”

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An interesting fact about the new royal baby is that when they arrive, they won’t need a surname if Kate and William decide not to give them one. Buckingham Palace say that, as an HRH (His or Her Royal Highness), the child does not require a surname. William and his brother Harry were christened using just their first names.

Its website explains: ‘For the most part, members of the Royal Family who are entitled to the style and dignity of HRH Prince or Princess do not need a surname, but if at any time any of them do need a surname (such as upon marriage), that surname is Mountbatten-Windsor.’

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