How NOT To Choose Your First Dance Song

First dance song ideas can drive couples crazy! Just when you think you’ve finally settled on one, another tune comes onto the radio and you’re left questioning your first dance song ideas all over again.


Use this guide to narrow down your first dance song ideas and choose one you and your guests will love, not one you'll live to regret...

While this dance is probably the most momentous you’ll ever have, it will also be the first of many. It’s one dance at the beginning of the evening that will soon slip into a dance floor full of people partying with you, so relax. Yes, all eyes will be on you as you enjoy your first dance together, but in the ‘awwh’ kind of way and not in the style of a Strictly judge.

That being said, there are a few golden rules when it comes to first dance song choices. Follow these and whatever first dance song you choose, you’ll love it.


What’s hot

Don’t rule out first dance songs simply because they are popular – they are popular for a reason! Of course it’s lovely to make your wedding unique, but there are other elements of your reception that allow you to do that. Plus, just because a song has been played for a hundred first dances before yours, it doesn’t make it any less personal or appropriate for the two of you, too.

In recent years, our featured couples have turned to Ed Sheeran’s songs above and beyond any other artist. Original? No. Perfect in style and sentiment? Absolutely.


Choosing on a whim

Don’t be tempted to jump on the bandwagon of a trend on a day as significant as your wedding. You’ll remember this dance forever, so the first dance song you choose needs to stand the test of time. While it might sound oh-so funny at your hen do to choose ‘Sex Bomb’, come your wedding day you could regret it…


Without actually dancing

We’re not saying all first dance song ideas need to be slow, but you do need to think about how you’ll actually dance to the song.

Featured couple Katherine and Matthew opted for the upbeat approach. “We wanted a fun, upbeat song with a silly routine rather than a formal slow dance, so we chose David Guetta’s ‘Without You’. The reaction from our guests was completely awesome. We loved every second of performing our routine!”

We recommend at least a handful of evenings spent practising in your living room. Why not wear in your wedding day heels at the same time? You’ll make hilarious memories and feel natural but prepared come the big day. If you’re planning a routine like Katherine and Matthew, the earlier you nail down the steps, the better.


Without listening to the lyrics

Most couples, although not all, will opt for a first dance song that has sentimental lyrics. Often, this won’t just involve pretty words. The songs will also have personal meaning – a tune that came out around a similar time to when you got engaged, for example.

You also want to ensure that the lyrics are suitable. It’s a good idea to avoid songs that are a little risqué or inappropriate for younger or elderly wedding guests. Your first dance is at best a time to wow your guests, most likely a loved-up shuffle, but you definitely don’t want it to cause offence!


What options are you considering for your first dance song?