Who says a wedding has to be traditional?! This couple show us how they did it their way…


WHO: Charlotte & Dan

WHERE: Wandsworth Registry office and The Bolingbroke, Northcote Road, London

WHEN: July 2011

PHOTOS: Emma Case Photography

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The proposal

“We didn’t follow tradition, because we had both already decided we wanted to get married, and I told Dan that I’d like a vintage ring, so we went to Brighton and chose it together,” explains Charlotte.

“We picked a stunning ring in a 1920’s style – I just loved that it had a whole other life before us, and had made another bride happy. Dan then hung on to the ring, to surprise me with a proposal. He took me to London Zoo (we both love animals) and then cooked me a really yummy dinner before getting down on one knee,” she smiles.

The bride’s outfit

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“I knew from the start that I didn’t want a white dress, because I’m very pale and never look good in white,” says Charlotte. “My Mum always tells me I look best in vibrant colours, so I decided to wear a colourful wedding dress. I also knew I’d like a style with lots of petticoats, too. When my Mum remarried a few years ago, she wore a Vivienne of Holloway dress and I loved it, so decided to go for the same. Mum came with me and helped me pick the dress. Initially I thought it would be too colourful, but after trying it on, I LOVED it! I wore it with two red petticoats and it was perfect. The dress itself was just £79 – which must be some kind of wedding dress bargain!” she adds.


The groom’s outfit

“Dan found his suit from Jump The Gun in Brighton,” remembers Charlotte. “He knew my dress was a vintage style gown, so his tweed suit was the perfect accompaniment.”

The bridesmaids

“We were only having a small wedding of just 60 guests, so I kept it quite relaxed with only two bridesmaids,” recalls Charlotte. “I have a tendency to stress and become quite bossy with people – so they made sure I stayed calm and focused on having a lovely day!” Their hot-pink dresses were from Oasis


The ceremony

“I just remember grinning like the Cheshire cat! I had loads of comments afterwards about how people loved seeing such a smiley bride, which was wonderful. I felt really, really happy. Our registrar was quite a joker, too, which was good – he stopped us feeling nervous by making us laugh,” says Charlotte

The reception

“We didn’t have much to decorate at The Bolingbroke because it already had a relaxed feel,” explains Charlotte. Table flowers from Stem and Petal were used as the main wedding reception decorations, and Charlotte made a sweetie table called Mario’s Tuck Shop, named after the couple’s little dog. “He couldn’t come to the day, so it was our way of making sure he was represented!” smiles Charlotte.

The honeymoon

“We went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon, the most fun place on earth,” says Charlotte. “But a bit insane!”