Gone are the days when couples ask for fine china tea sets and silver cutlery as wedding gifts, to be used only when the queen comes to visit. Especially for those who are furnishing a new house, wedding gifts are important pieces that help build a home: cherished possessions that compliment your style and remind you of your perfect day.

Often left to the last minute, a wedding registry is habitually dismissed as a fun task: choosing presents is the easiest part of planning, right?

As many newlyweds will attest though, choosing gifts that are practical, stylish, and high-quality, all while catering to guests’ varying budgets, can be positively daunting. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with choice, and to end up with a swathe of ‘registry fillers’ that you don’t really need or want. And finding brands whose products you can trust is another part of the challenge.

urbanara bathroom
For guests, too, a wedding registry is an important step to make them feel comfortable and welcome: friends and family want to honour your day with something that’s useful, and that you’ll love… a particular challenge for those with lower budgets.

Urbanara, a homewares brand specialising in high-quality, affordable homewares, makes the task easier with a room-by-room checklist to help you cover all the must-have pieces you really need to create a stylish and sophisticated home… with gifts to suit all budgets.

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urbanara bedroom

For the bedroom

Life-long bedding for all seasons

Most couples already have cotton bedding, but remember to consider your comfort through the season: in the same way you change your wardrobe from winter to summer, so too should your bedclothes. Equipping your home with flannel bed linen for winter and linen bed linen for summer, plus heavy- and light-weight duvets, will ensure you and your partner sleep comfortably and deeply throughout the seasons, for years to come.

Montrose Flannel Bed Linen, from £35

Tercia Linen Bed Linen, from £69

urbanara kitchen

For Kitchen & Dining

Statement serveware

Aside from the obvious cutlery, crockery, and glassware, there are a few things that might go overlooked when creating your registry. A statement serving bowl is one of them. It’s an item you’ll use weekly, and getting one you love makes meals a little more special.

Kamo Large Bowl, 100% ceramic, £39
Nepomuk Chopping Block, 100% sustainable beech wood, £59

A quality chopping block

A universal kitchen staple, a hardy kitchen chopping block will serve you for every dinner, lunch, and brunch you ever prepare, ever.

Classic table linen

And what for a life’s worth of romantic dinners, family gatherings, and celebrations? None would be quite complete without classic table linen. Pick a timeless, 100% linen design and you’ll have a table setting you’ll not only use forever, but which will live to be passed down.

urbanara living

For the living room

A decorative vase

Don’t reach for the water jug or an oversized glass when friends, family, or your partner show their love with a bouquet. Give them (and the flowers) the respect they deserve with a beautiful, display-worthy design.

Katsura Vase, ceramic origami design, £24

Soft furnishings

Making your home look and feel your own is so important, but you’ll want to give your living room a revamp from time to time. Include a few cushions in your registry, complete with insert, and select several cushion covers (starting from £11 from Urbanara) for an always-fresh décor. Great for decorating the guest bedroom, too.

Cambra Cushion, 100% with goose feather insert, £25

A sofa blanket

The blanket you snuggle up under when its cold out should have a permanent place on the sofa. For guests who can spend a little more, a cashmere blanket is a luxury all new lovebirds should enjoy. The world’s most precious fibre, cashmere is warm, silky soft, and when properly cared for, an heirloom piece.

urbanara bath kitchen 2jpg

Orly Cashmere Blanket, £299

urbanara bathroom

For the bathroom

Bathroom accessories

The practical storage items your use in your bathroom daily can truly complete the look of bathroom. Give the bathroom décor a lift and help get organised by requesting accessories you may not invest in yourself.

Sandila Toothbrush Holder, Cotton Box, Soap Dish & Toilet Brush, pieces starting from £11

High-quality towels for all seasons

The world of towels is vast and varied, but whatever the style or fabric, good quality designs are a must for a sophisticated home. A household should have at least two towel sets per person, plus one set for guests. Choose colours that match your bathroom décor, but be varied with your fabric selection for something a little fancy.

Varzea Towel Collection, 100% organic cotton, £33 set

Kotra Towel Collection, 50% linen & 50% cotton waffle weave, £45 set

His & hers bathrobes

For lazy Sundays spent at home, your bathrobe will quickly become your uniform. Silk, which has incredible insulating properties, will help keep you at the right temperature, so is suitable for use all year round, and is a gorgeous luxury gift your closest guests might oblige you with.

Dalian Bathrobe, 100% mulberry silk, £89 each

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