Are you looking for budget wedding dresses but afraid of picking up a counterfeit design? New website can help! is a must-see website dedicated to helping brides save money while protecting them from the threat of fake wedding dresses. They work with dedicated UK retailers to offer genuine designer gowns at affordable prices, with an upper limit of just £499.


“All levels of the bridal industry have seen a massive problem with the increased threat from overseas counterfeit dresses, where retailers have lost sales to the internet and brides have been tempted to save money only to receive a product of poor quality or not fit for purpose,” explains Graham from the website.

“Ironically brides are then turning to the UK retailer to help save the day but on an even more reduced budget. We are looking to try to prevent the heartbreak by removing the risk and driving brides back to their local bridal retailer.”


The new website offers a viewing platform for retailers to demonstrate to brides that there are affordable options within their local boutiques, plus they have the chance to discuss styles and options without financially committing themselves.


“Also featured on the site are the local associated businesses, creating a wedding day network of everyone from cake makers to photographers. This makes it a real one-stop shop for brides during the planning process,” adds Graham.

To find out more about saving money on your dream dress, visit the website or see some of the latest styles right here.