, the world’s first, free, lifestyle-based music discovery service launches today and it’s perfect for brides and grooms-to-be…

It’s an innovative, new wedding music service that allows brides and grooms to source the perfect wedding play list from a host of inspirational examples all easily accessible in one place at

This new service saves money and time providing inspiration for the ideal personalised wedding music soundtrack, perfect for any wedding venue and theme. On the site, users can crowd source their wedding music by asking guests to input selections and can also browse and compile lists from the featured wedding DJ playlist and the wedding soundtrack section.


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“Music can make or break a wedding,” says Phil Smith, co-founder Soundtracktoyour. “It is core for the event atmosphere and is vital to get right. With the launch of this new service brides and grooms can be inspired by and learn from others who have ‘road tested’ wedding tracks and, in turn, pull together the perfect music selection for their individual wedding.”

Wedding Ideas loves lives music and nothing can beat the excitement of a live band or wedding DJ but we think this service would be amazing in between sets, or while your guests are enjoying their Champagne reception.

Sitting above the likes of SoundCloud, iTunes, YouTube and soon Spotify the engine behind intelligently finds any music track instantly. So you can effortlessly add specific music tracks to those already listed in the wedding areas.


The engine will source and stream available music legally for free. It is also affiliated with iTunes so users can – through the site and their Apple account – purchase and take soundtracks wherever they want. Need some inspiration? You can also see what celebrities, actors, athletes and more listen to, and you can even discover what your favourite star played at their wedding!

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