Every bride wants her skin to be as radiant as her beaming smile on the big day. So a quick pre-wedding skin boost should be an essential on your to-do list. Wedding Ideas sent Jess Brown to test the new, anti-ageing BIOTEC facial from skincare giants Elemis at the luxurious Ragdale Hall Health Spa…

Everyone wants to roll back the years and make their skin more youthful and healthy. The new Elemis BIOTEC treatments are billed as a unique fusion of technology and touch. Here comes the scientific bit… the hi-tech electrical facials use a BIOTEC Machine and a high-potency activator. Together these create visible results helping skin repair, renew and retone itself. Just what every B2B needs. So we went along to try it out!


What exactly happens during the treatment?

I had the Triple-Tec Anti Wrinkle – the ultimate wrinkle-smoothing facial.  My main area of concern are the wrinkles around eyes, despite everyone saying they’re character building laughter lines, I’m not a fan. The facial I chose uses a micro-current to pulse, lift and firm the skin while boosting collagen at the same time. Two micro-current electrodes were rolled across my face to firm, tone and lift. Next oxygen therapy was applied in short, powerful bursts of compressed air to plump out any fine lines. Finally LED light therapy was applied, starting by gently moving a red light across my skin to stimulate collagen and banish fine lines, followed by an anti-bacterial blue light to calm and smooth any redness.


How long did it last?

The Triple-Tec Anti Wrinkle treatment lasts for 60 minutes, but you can choose from three shorter BIOTEC facials if you only fancy having a 25-minute beauty blast or are short on time.


Was it painful?

No, not in the slightest. It was really relaxing as my therapist explained everything beforehand and was very knowledgeable. Having the facial at Ragdale Hall made the whole experience even more special as I then spent the afternoon relaxing in the luxurious spa facilities and swimming pool.

Visible results?

The first thing I noticed was how re-hydrated my skin felt. It also looked fuller and softer. It definitely gave me a confidence boost. My therapist said a course of BIOTEC facials would dramatically change the radiance and beauty of your skin, so I would definitely save up and book a course of treatments before a special occasion.


How much does it cost?

I visited Radgale Hall Health Spa to have the facial – they have a range of five different facials to choice from, all using the BIOTEC machine. The Triple-Tec Anti-Wrinkle and Micro Firm-a-Lift both cost £75 and last 60 minutes. The other three are 25 minutes and cost £38. Prices may vary depending on which spa or clinic you choose.


How would you rate the treatment out of 5?

An easy 4 out of 5. Ragdale Hall Health Spa was a lovely place to experience such a hi-tech treatment as it’s so beautiful and peaceful. I would definitely recommend this facial – my friends commented on how healthy and glowing my skin looked afterwards, just the type of comments you’d want to hear before the big day!

To find out more about the BIOTEC facials and to book a session for yourself visit Ragdale Hall or call 01664 434831. Or to read more reviews of top bridal beauty treatments click here!