A picture can paint a thousand words, and this is especially true at weddings! The best photographs capture the essence and emotions of the day. Here, top wedding photographer Owen Lucas reveals the stories behind five of his favourite shots…

Happy endings

Owen Lucas Wedding Photography-1

There was huge pressure when I arrived at Sammy’s wedding in Crickhowell, mid-Wales.

Sammy’s Dad had passed away many years before and her great friend who would walk her down the aisle had tragically been killed in a bike accident not a week before. I arrived at the hairdressers to a sombre atmosphere – as though a joyful day shouldn’t happen.

It was tempting to pretend nothing was wrong, but something needed to be done to ‘save the day’ and I insisted to the bridal party that their pal would be mortified to think that he was responsible for ruining the wedding; and that they all owed it to him to have the best day possible… I think it struck a chord.

Fabulous flowergirls

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Owen Lucas Wedding Photography-2

I saw this picture early, which is always handy, so I got the camera set and just waited for the right moment.

Tess, the sweetest bridesmaid ever, and her cousin were watching the bride arrive. When Suzy and her Dad were in the right position,  I simply whispered, “Tess!” and took the shot.

Gone surfin’

Owen Lucas Wedding Photography-3

This wedding was near Kingsbridge, South Devon. Tom and Leo are great surfers and have been surfing the nearby beach together since school (they really are the loveliest couple imaginable).

We decided that we would get some shots at the beach, too, but when I saw the car, the sign and the field, I suggested my plan to the couple; and amongst a whole host of really beautiful location shots, this is perhaps my favourite.

Masked romance

Owen Lucas Wedding Photography-4

Hann and ‘Ox’ had had their wedding a month or so earlier, but had been disappointed with their wedding photographs (‘don’t compromise on the wedding’s legacy’ is the motto here, peeps!). So we did a special portrait shoot in my hometown of Midsomer Norton.

Not all couples are as theatrical as these guys, but it makes for fabulous photography if you are! I just used a plain ol’ closed shop front for the backdrop here.

Come rain or shine

Owen Lucas Wedding Photography-5

Hannah and Bart live in Bristol and their wedding day was a stinker weather-wise!

I made sure the portrait locations were all under cover, but for this one I got everyone to line up with a brolly in one hand and confetti in the other. If you’re well prepared for a wet weather wedding, it’s no obstacle to having a fabulous day!

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